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Feeding your Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are quickly becoming popular pets. Providing the proper nutrition is a very important aspect of keeping your glider happy and healthy. Many people feed sweets to sugar gliders, which is unfortunate for this insect-loving creature. In the wild, these little Australian marsupials feast on a combination of insects, pollen, nectar and the sap from eucalyptus.

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Most of what you said above is ok, but I have to
disagree on a few things. Please, don't feed your
gliders catfood. The monkey chow is debated by some
breeders as well with the jaw problems caused by
these types of foods. Also, gliders need alot of calcium
to keep from getting hind-leg paralysis and dying. 1
tablespoon of yogurt (with live acidophilus cultures /and
without aspartame which will poison your gliders) several
times a week for each glider is good, but you have to give
gliders a calcium supplement (ex. Rep-Cal calcium with
vit D3 and no phosphorous). The BML (Bourbon's Modified
Leadbeaters) recipe is actually better than the regular
Leadbeaters as it was designed for squirrel gliders, which
have slightly different nutritional needs. The BML diet plan
was made specifically for sugar gliders by longtime breeders
and researchers. Gliders need a wide variety of fruits and
vegetables (just no garlic or onion or any from that family).
I just research these guys quite a bit and breed as well and
have noticed the difference in my gliders health and activity
levels when on different diets.
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Oh yeah, one more thing. From what I have heard from other
glider breeders and personal experience as well, I also
highly discourage the use of Briskeys. It is my opinion,
and the opinion of many others who have tried it, that it is not
a good choice for gliders. Just read the ingredients......
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I know that alot of people feed their sugar gliders crickets
and/or mealworms regularly. The amount goes from 3-5 a few times
a week to 6-8 a day. I feed mine mealworms. There has been a bit of a scare with aflotoxin poison killing a bunch of gliders from the crickets and mealworms due to the bedding some companies were using (corn).You might research this a bit (Glider Central ~~ sugarglider.net) I don't think it's as much with the mealworms tho. I haven't had any problems. If you live out in the country where you don't have to worry about insects being contaminated with pesticides you can
feed your gliders any number of insects...Crickets, grasshoppers, moths, beetles... I give mine a big moth every so often. Gliders prefer the bugs alive, but most will eat them fine even if they are
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I feed mine mealworms and crickets. I increase the amounts awhile after joeys are weaned when i am wanting them to breed again. Soon after i have joeys in the pouch. This is just something i do personally as I researched gliders in the wild and their is research to support that when protein is more readily available, successful breeding is more often accomplished. It has worked for me anyway lol. They also like other bugs but I can not find them here in bc. The only one you really should not feed is lightning bugs lol whatever those are. I raise my own mealworms and they have an rolled oat substate.
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You raise mealworms possum???????? EWWWWWWWWWW I am SO not coming to your house now ick ick ick:p
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Yeah you didn't know that ct lol, I keep them free roaming under the bed in the spare room OOOps i mean ontop of the fridge in the kitchen lol
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sugar glider, sugar gliders

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