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general bonding/handling issues

My baby is doing well in her cage now and she is eating the BML (Thanks to you guys and gals! especially Raphsody! Thanks a lot!). I think she recognizes me and will take food from my hand and even voluntarily climb on it to eat and sniff around. I have small branches in her cage and a few hanging clothes and my bandanna in her pouch and hanging from the ceiling which she loves to climb on. she seems healthy and is playful and jumpy at night.

Now that you know a little about her i have some questions or some areas in which I need some advice. Getting bit a little is not a big deal to me but she is not just biting she jumps at other people and me if I surprise her and when she does she bites and attacks. she hasn't bit anyone yet but how do I discourage this attacking behavior? or is it just something babies do that she won't stop until shes very comfortable with people?

She can be very sweet especially when I'm the only one around. but...This biting makes it difficult to pick her up and I would never pull her out of her pouch knowing how she reacts. Shes still only 9 weeks old and I've had her for about a week now. I've seen improvements but I'm afraid I'm being to timid in handling her...

What is "tent time"? what kind of tent does this involve? what kind of toys do gliders like and should I try a hamster ball for her to get used to the apartment? also some thoughts on leashes and collars and what to use and what not to use. Thanks So mch.
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Yes... at just 9 weeks old I would say that she is biting more out of not knowing you yet - so be patient and the biting will decrease and then stop over all when you and your glider are more bonded to each other.... and please know that this process could take some time before she will be fully bonded / trust in you - it took one of my twins three months to bond with me and still she still nips my fingers from time to time.
What I would suggest right now is that you not place your hand in her pouch to take her out... but rather take the pouch out of the cage and lay it on your lap and let your little girl come to you... now you can try giving your glider a treat at the time so she will associate this moment with happiness.
I would also suggest that you slowly place your fist into her pouch (slowly) when you have her out and just let your glider snuggle up to the warmth of your hand and sleep.... I use to do this for a few hours a day while I watched tv at night and it worked wonders.
Tent Time.... this is when you have a pop up tent in which you and you gliders go into the tent together and have some fun together. When you first start having tent time together I would recommend that you not take any toys into the tent so your glider will have to use you (your body) as its toys.... this will do wonder for bonding. After a week or two has past with you bonding in the tent with your glider you can add safe supervised toys / roped in the tent for your glider to play on..... and don't forget the camera it is a must for tent time.
Here is the TENT I have..... it is easy to put up and take down.

* * * * * * *
A big "NO" on the leash ideal as it can damage the membranes on the side of your glider, therefore, taking your gliders natural ability to glide away from them forever.
And as far as hamsters ball go.... I personally do like them as a glider is larger and more active than a hamster is and could get hurt in the hamster ball... not to mention the sanitary factor of it as gliders will pee and poo in the ball as they run getting their waste all over them.

R h a p s o d y -
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ur awesome i think im just gonna start messaging you with questions...
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no post in the forums for other people can see the helpful information

Good luck, i know nothing about sugar gliders


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Great advice given.

Mine are still getting used to me as well, and it's a slow process. I haven't been able to get a tent set up to do tent time yet, but I let them out in their room with me, or put my hand in their bonding pouch and let them sleep curled up in my hand while I watch TV. They'll let me rub their bellies sometimes while they're curled up in my hand.
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