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Exclamation glider questions

My hubby, feeling a little left out of my chin infatuation, needed a pet of his own. So as a wedding present to ourselves, we brought home a little sugar glider. We had done all the necessary research and we thought we were prepared for the addition......but to make a long story short, hubby now has a new appreciation for the chins and wants another one of those!!! Nas (our glider) is extremely nippy- at times she even strikes out at us! I've been keeping her pouched in my shirt all day and trying to give her play time at night. She's not really interested in playing either- I was told maybe she had low sugar and to give her some honey, but it didn't work at all- she still just wanted to hide wherever she could. Last night things were starting to look up as she had been very quiet and not biting and was enjoying running around our glider-proofed bathroom. Then she was climbing on honey (we were sitting real still to just let her do her own thing) and as soon as she got down his arm to where there was skin, she started going to town! We were told to "take the bite" as the best way to make her stop, but she acted like she wanted to eat him!!
Sorry to be so long- I'm just trying as hard as I can and I guess I'd just like some reassurance that this will get better and any advice too!
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From what I have heard, Sugar Gliders need a long time to Bond with new owners....
I am far from an expert, but I would say, keep doin what yer doing. I know alot of the sites recommend one of those critter bouches, but If where you have her pouched is already warm and safe, you should be ok... She needs to ffel snug.
I am hoping someone with a little more experience will be here to rescue you soon! LOL
Good luck!
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Just a suggestion that my son used with his glider, put on a old shirt, tuck it in, add another shirt tuck in it too, put glider between the two shirts.
Also they love apple juice (1/2 juice 1/2 water).
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Your glider may take awhile to get used to you, but when you have playtime you don't have to be completely still. And when she Bites, you want to take it ,in that you don't yell or throw her, but you can use your other hand to gently nudge her mouth off of you... or distract her with a toy (such as bird-toy with feather, etc.) . I do this and say in a low voice not to bite mommy it hurts. They learn voice tones and are alot smarter than most people think. Give her at least a few weeks, or even months, for her to adjust. Also, be sure to wash your hands and wrists well before playing with her. If she smells anything odd she may go after it. And they bite in nature to get the tree sap out and bugs, so after feeding any insects or food, wash your hands. They can smell any lingering scent and will go after a 'mealworm' or cricket' if they think your finger is one. Just talk to soothingly and keep trying. But you have to be consistant, giving her attention every day or night.
I wish you well. Once you bond, you will see it was worth the time.
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Thanks for the encouragement- it was just what I needed today. I think we're making some progress already- this morning she let me pick her up out of her cage pouch and put her into one I carry all day!

All advice is appreciated!!!
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I agree with dreamscape,it will take time. My male came to me as an adult and loved to nip. I found sucess with what they call "licky treats". Putting some applesauce in a small container , dunking 1 fingertip and allow the glider to lick the treat off. Only let him lick two or three times never down to bare skin because again in the wild they bite the bark to get more sap and likely will bite you hoping that more applesauce will be produced lol. If my male started to open his mouth to bite me i would withdraw my hand for a minute or so. Then repeat he soon found he would get more lickytreats by not biting. But all licky treats should be a good or nutritious treat, apple sauce, blueberries , babyfood fruits etc. Be careful with the honey from what i understand it is not very good for them in a pure form. Hope i explained this well enough. Good luck it will be worth it Barb
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sugar glider, sugar gliders

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