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Exclamation Mating?

I was wondering if any one can tell me when SG mate? As in the seasons monthes or whatnot. I bought my first pair and they are proven, but i cant seem to find any where that tells me when they mate. I want to seperate them if i can until I have had them for a little bit, so they can be bonded with me before they have any joeys. thanks in advance
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Oh no please don't seperate them. It can cause depression and lead to self mutilation.

Sugar Gliders only have 2 or 3 litters a year. After they mate, gestation is 16 days, then they are in the pouch for 8 weeks and then babies can be removed from their parents at about 8 weeks out of the pouch.
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thanks for that I promise not to seprate them. But does anyone know when tthey mate? Is there certian months in the year or somthing so I can be prepared? Someone said somthing about they always mate during the full moon but I dont know if they were messing around. If anyone can help I would be very thankful!
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gliders have more than 2-3 litters a year..... Brisbee's had 4 in a year.

As for mating season.. in captivity they mate year round but in the wild they mate only twice a year.

I had two mating last night LOL... they had been separated for health issues and were just put back together a couple weeks ago
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Lightbulb Glider mating

Never separate them. Make sure your gliders are of the appropriate age to be mating. If they are still pearly silver then they are too young. The male needs to have the scent glad on the top of his face (between his eyes- it's like a bald spot) visible before you can determine if they are old enough to mate. Most of the time the gliders will take on a dark grey/brown appearance when they have reached sexual maturity. If the female is pregnant, you wont know right away. Over a couple of weeks, you will start to notice a little lump on the belly- that's the baby. Don't be suprised if your litter is just one joey, most firsts are. It's a rarity for 4 and even 3 joeys to be produced in one litter.
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