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While over here in the UK i don't think i would find a Sugar Glider in a petshop (well i hope not anyway as more a specialist breeder pet at the moment and hope it stays that way) i totally agree that petshops shouldn't be selling such exotic species as most of them don't have much knowledge at all unless its the common hamster and even then some of them struggle. I base my experience on what i have found with Degus as they are pretty rare over here although got more popular in last few years and time after time i have seen them kept in small cramped conditions with the wrong diet and it makes me so mad as they are doing so much damage to them that even when they are sold if anything goes wrong its someone elses problem as the damage has been done ! I think its time there was a law on how petshops conduct there business as they shouldn't be selling animals they don't have a clue about as people go to them looking for advice and knowledge on a certain pet and it seems a lot of them don't have a clue of the basics let alone of anything more exotic than a mouse!

I had never heard of sugar gliders till i joined this forum and now they are everywhere i look even on tv and i'm now hooked on them as they are soooooo cute


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IMO i think i would prefer for my glider to come from someones loving home rather than a pet shop that is open the opposite hours that a glider is awake. And do they have to have USDA licenses to sell them? I once bought a cockatiel hand-fed baby from a woman that breeds them at her home and he was a million times sweeter than the supposedly hand-fed baby at Pet_ _. And in the case of gliders... they need the interaction at the right time of day just like they would get in a home. So mills are out and pet stores would be ok if they were open the same hours as.... oh Dennys maybe? but thats just me ~smile~
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pet stores

yea, I agree! I saw a poor pair of sugar gliders at a pet store "breeding pair" according to them.. their cage was awful and they were just in a half box with nothing else. The male was sitting over the female and would growl every time someone came near his mate. It was so sad I did voice my opinion and I've been there a few times and haven't seen them lately so I dunno what happened
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Hi. I personally also strongly believe that pet shops shouldn't sell animals at all, though that is unlikely to happen.

I *know* there are decent pet shops that sell animals out there (though I've yet to find a really good one yet myself) but there are so many pet shops that don't keep their animals in decent cages, so many pet shops that don't give out the correct care information and so many pet shops that do not really check as to whether the potential owner has any kind of real knowledge. I know a lot of people who work in rescue centres and who pick up the pieces time and again in terms of rejected pet-shop animals, (i.e - the kids got bored with it) pet shop animals that have had litters because they weren't sexed correctly and so on.

From all I have read of sugar gilders on here, I cannot imagine them 'doing well' in a pet shop environment, and worst still, selling them in a pet shop would leave them open to 'impulse buyers' who do not really know what they are taking on.

I have personally decided to not buy from pet shops selling animals - not accessories or food or anything - I try and shop on-line now as much as possible. Besides, most of the cages I see in pet shops are nowhere near big enough for the animal they are supposedly intended for. (I especially hate the 'starter packs!')

Apologies - this is something I do feel strongly about! I've even written a poem - the 'Life Story' of a pet shop bought rat. If anyone wishes to read it, I'll be happy to let them see it.
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Hmm.. well, I have experience with working with gliders at a petstore that I used to work at.. I have to agree with both sides I guess.. This pet store should NOT have sold gliders, because they kept them in a plastic and glass enclosure, never handled them, threw food at them and had 4 breeding colonies in the back room without having a USDA license.. the people that own the shop knew nothing about gliders until I came along, and I put them on a new diet, added vitamins and calcium, and started handling them.. ( my hands were just torn up the whole time I worked there..). They just had too many different types of animals to really know any thing about any of them. Everything from puppies and fish to gliders, snakes, turtles.. just too much stuff. I know they have been turned in to the USDA but they didn't do anything.. I would again if I could secure that they go to a place that they would be taken care of properly.. like to me or another breeder that would rehab them a little. I have talked to the owners of the store many times and I think (I hope!) I have talked them in to selling thier breeders and getting out of gliders..

On the other hand.. if they are knowledgable enough and have the time to spend with the gliders.. then more power to them.. they may be competition for local breeders like myself and Tmarie.. but not if we do our jobs right and market them right. I always go for local people or smaller scale breeders for any animal before I'll go to a bigger place..

Interesting thread.. I'm glad it was started.
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I think some pet stores are okay. I was actually surprised when I saw that petsmart was selling chinchillas. Mainly because in my opinion, they need a little extra care then the animals they normally sell. When I first saw the chin, I said 2 things. I feel sorry for this animal and I would never buy it.
When I got my first chin, I did buy it at a petstore. The owner said the chin was very tame. Well they were wrong. I paid around $150 for the entire set up which included the bedding, cage, water bottle and all that jazz. Well I was disappointed when it was only like a small cage that was only big enough for a rat. And unfortunatley I couldn't afford to buy the big leveled cage. I did try to set it up good for my chinchilla so she would atleast have some things to climb on and be happy. The chinchilla could never be tamed. If you could catch her, she hated to be held, and could usually wiggle her way out of your hands. About 2 months after that I was in another petstore and I found that they had another cage set up (this was a really crappy pet store, they have TONS of animals and no space, and it stinks like I don't know what) but I decided to buy it because the cage was huge, and had everything included and the chinchilla was male, so I wanted to mate him with my other chinchilla. Again, this chinchilla couldn't be tamed. Eventually my chinny had a baby and of course, he didn't have any choice but to be
Me and my boyfriend broke up and I lost my chinchillas (he sold them both for $100 including the cages and everything) but I like the memories I have with them. I did hear that she had 2 more babies after I told the woman she had to seperate them, and of course she wouldn't let me buy one
I guess my point is, when you're buying from most pet stores, you don't know what you're getting. In my opinion some of the chain stores like petsmart are okay to sell the smaller rodents, but not exotics. And also, I wouldn't buy anything from superpets , my boyfriend was looking for birds and they didn't even know how to stand on your was sad.

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