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Question Questions about scent

Hi everyone! I'm currently in the desert (United States Air Force) and I've been researching sugar gliders during my 12 hour shifts.. I've found several websites that offer information about their diet and how to keep them healthy. My question is about their scent...

Some people say they smell sweet, and some say they smell like wet dogs... What is the truth? Keep in mind that you don't have to over-glorify how wonderful the little ones are because, due to my job, I couldn't keep 2 of them happy and that would really tear me up inside....

I used to have 3 ferrets and I followed all of the directions and info (washing them only when needed, cleaning their cage etc) but they still had a musky smell to them (which is normal) but they produced so much waste that it would just smell up my entire room while I was at work. I ended up giving them to my good friend and all of the little buggers are extremely happy because they have their own playroom and his wife works at home so they always have a plaything around.

Sorry for the long post (not to mention the total derailing of the topic) but I'm bored...
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I don't have gliders, so I can be unbiased

IMO, they smell a lot like a ferret (or my amazon, for that matter). If you didn't really like the way your ferrets and their waste smelled, you might not like gliders. You should know that the males smell much stronger than the females. My sister's little male peed on me once, and the whole car stunk on the way home. They pee a lot, it seems like
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I had 2 gliders. A male and a female. They smelled pretty bad. I think it was because of them breeding. Also the males are much smellier than the females as the males have 3 scent glands and the females only have 1. Hope that helps! I gave my gliders to a friend who wanted them very badly, and am hoping to get more soon. i will be gettng 2 FEMALES though.
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You've been really helpful. I doubt I'll be getting Gliders anytime soon, but they are still really cute.
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We had a male glider, I wont say that he smelled good but I wouldnt call it stinky either, the scent is kinda musky (IMO anyway) we cleaned his cage twice weekly so that may have attributed to less scent too.

They are great animals...
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I'd love to get a pair of them but with me being in the Military I wouldn't be able to provide consistant care for them, especially when I get deployed to the desert (which is where I am now actually).
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Sugar Glider scent

Gliders have a sweet, musky smell- basically their urine, that can be contained to a minimum. The important thing to remember is that gliders cannot control their bathroom habits, and so urinate at whatever location- yes, even occasionally on you. Their cage should be cleaned once a week with a 2% bleach solution, rinsed thoroughly, and allowed to air dry. I have found that the majority of the smell comes from the urine, and not the glider himself. Keep the cage clean, and the smell shouldn't be an issue.
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be sure not to clean the cage to much that will cause them to scent even more since you are removing the scents that they applied there any ways ....which will make them do it even more and cause them to over scent which you really dont want!!! belive me been there! ... i generally clean the bottom of the cage 1 once a week and wash the outsides .... i have noticed that wood isnt the greatest thing either holds the smell in! most of there toys will to just need to clean them even better!
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sugar glider, sugar gliders

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