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I thought so..every site I found said those things, and it was only until my mom started reading off the "facts" from the thing she got that I got really confused. I told her I'd do some research, but every site I've found that was written off of personal experience said that they had complicated diets, were messy, and noisy. Definitely not a critter my mom would be into having. She wouldn't be able to feed them a pinkie mouse, or deal with all the mess, even though she would, potentially, be fine with making them "complicated" meals(she only works 3 hours Monday - Friday), but yeah... Thanks everyone for validating or debunking everything.

Thanks for the calculations, Jennicat, even though I never responded. You know, when I first found the Pocket Pet website I discounted it immediately, for some reason, and moved on to several other Sugar Glider sites that I've found and book marked.

Thanks for the link, TweedleDeedle!
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There is no such thing as a sugarbear

Sugar bear is the word that Pocket Pets (PPP)/ the people feeding you ******** at the malls use for Sugar Gliders so that when you search it on google Pocketpets website shows up.. guys PLEASE do your research before you adopt these amazing animals.. I was stupid enough to buy my babies on impulse and THOUGHT I had done my research but failed to realize that the only source of information I was "researching" was from pocketpets.. They told me that they were easy pets.. good for kids and with other pets.. they told me that they could be alone and didnt need a mate.. they told me that all they need is the apple slices that stupid kibble and some glider gravy and maybe some bread every couple of days... OH they also told me that they don't have bones.. WTF!! guys really?!

Please don't fall for this.. they are exotic marsupials from Australia.. They are closest related to Opossums
They need a balanced diet that includes protien veggies and fruit..
they are Omnivores who CAN NOT survive on cat food or dog food..
they must have a large cage and in some state it is illegal to have a small cage.
They are a HUGE commitment and CANNOT be potty trained.. they will bite if scared and it does hurt and can even draw blood..

I don't understand why people take these animal so lightly .. but anyway I'm not trying to talk anyone out of getting them but PLEASE for the animals sake.. understand what you are doing.. don't believe everyone you hear.. by no means am I an expert but I AM an owner and I've found comfort in a wonderful forum full of people who love and properly care for their gliders.. PPP is a disgrace and should be shut down.. I hope this DEBUNKED your topic.. Sugar bears do not exist.. they are called sugar gliders they are in no way a bear.. they are a big responsibility ..

If anyone would like helpful information I go to they are great people with experience and they care deeply for their babies
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Yeah; one of my favorite pet stores back in NY is now selling them. Started selling them after two guys from PPP came and talked about sugar gliders; how easy they were to care for, etc etc.. Now the pet store's entirely redecorated, all the employees I was familiar with and friends with are gone(and who actually had correct information on all the pets they carried), and now instead of dogs, rabbits, g. pigs, hamsters, fish and birds, they now carry all those plus rats, mice, Sugar Gliders and Richardson Ground Squirrels. I hate that bloody PPP.
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Wink Sugar Glider Expense/upkeep

Originally Posted by FlickeringHope View Post
I know; those websites definitely threw me through a loop, but I'm more inclined to believe people with actual physical experience. So then I was right in telling my mom not to buy into their gimmick that they're low-maintenance and everything. *sighs* That's just horrible that people would set up factual-looking websites just to shove gliders off on ignorant people.

I told my mom I'd call her back when I had actual accurate information. This is great you guys..thank you.

Sasami - I liked that one too...however my favorite was this one:

"This is again, an old myth based on VERY outdated information. Over the last decade, Sugar Gliders have become extremely popular as household pets – and if one should happen to get sick, almost any Vet who already works on other small mammals like hamsters and gerbils will easily be able to work on them."

Quoted from the mynasga site. Sure - "any" vet might work on them....perhaps not willingly, and sure as **** not correctly! That's like vets who say if they can handle dogs and cats, they can handle rabbits or guinea pigs.

Dragonrain - Thanks! That's what I've read; that they'll go to the bathroom on pretty much anything. I've also read that pellets should NOT be their staple, but can be used when you're in a pinch, or to keep in the cage as a snack, but definitely not used for their main staple.

Jennicat - I checked out the links you sent.. I'm horrified. That one story of the person who commented on one of their youtube videos not to buy their food, then received an email signed by one of their other organizations closed the deal for me - if I didn't believe it before, I sure as **** believe it now. Right now I'm also checking out the actual pocket-pet you suppose those videos aren't actually from customers and actually members of their organization, instead?

"Fortunately, thanks to tremendous scientific advances in nutrition over the last 10 years, caring for Sugar Gliders is very inexpensive and easy to do. In fact, there are only three basic components to a healthy Sugar Glider's diet, and as a ball-park estimate, it typically costs a total of around $4/month to feed a single animal. 25% of your glider's daily food will consist of fresh fruits or vegetables, and almost anything you already have around the house (like a slice of apple per day) will do just fine."

That is pretty much the exact thing my mom quoted to me from the pamphlet...that it only costs about $4 to feed a single glider, and under $10 to feed two. She also quoted to me the "slice of apple/day".

"Incidentally, this is also the reason why you will almost never see Sugar Gliders in “pet shops”. Because they breed so slowly (again, only 2-3 babies/year on average) it's not really lucrative to breed them commercially. "

This was also on the pamphlet - it said the reason they're not often seen in pet stores is because they breed so slowly. Can somebody validate this?
Hello everyone. I too disagree that these wonderful creatures are expensive to have and hard to take care of. I raised two females Jalapeño and Pepper and they lived to be 10 & 11 years old. Never fed them pellets special vitamins and they lived a long and healthy life. Never once was either one of them sick. Fresh fruits, veggies, grains and yogurt and apple juice along with mealworms and never got sick. I enjoyed every minute with them
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Suggies Are Special

Sugar gliders ARE great pets- but they are Very time consuming. Unless you are prepared for a lot of food prep and patience-do not consider one. There are ways around them being messy, as with any pet. They can have pellet food but the BML diet is best and they Do require very balanced meals-a high protein, high calcium low phosphorus balance. They are funny sweet and bond with their owners if you are willing and patient. Hey, they only weigh 4-5 oz. so we are giants to them!! wouldn't trade mine for much of anything!!

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