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Hello! I am probably going to get a "suggie" next year. What are they like to own! Please tell me everything and anything!
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My friend is getting a pair real soon.My boyfriend used to have one too.

The only advice I can offer is do A TON of research.These guys are exotic and I even hear they are illegal in many places.They require a good amount of care.So do your research.

I am sure someone of more help will come along!Sadly this part of the forum is not very active!

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Yup,I'm getting a pair very soon Looking forward to it as well!!
I don't think many people have sugar gliders on here.
I've found possibly the best place for glider info. Check your PM,if you have a glider question,that place probably already has the answer up!

<PM-ing you right now, I don't know if it's ok to post links to other forums here or not? If it's ok,let me know & I'll post the link in this thread also >
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Sugar gliders are very sweet and love their owners to death once you hand tame them! Hand taming taks a while, it varies on the glider, but once you get them tamed they'll stick to you like glue. :] lol like if you try to put them back in their cage they'll glide back to you. Their fun little critters :]
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Sugar Gliders will pee and poo on you! They throw their food out of the cage and scrubbing fruits and veggies off the wall and floor is not easy! They can bite and however friendly your glider is you will probably get bit at some point! They need fresh food every night. They are nocturnal. They will only bond with you if you spend a lot of time with them. They like to jump and run around and don't sit still for long! A lonely Sugar Glider can self mutilate. It would be better to get a same sex pair! They are a HUGE commitment, and you should do a lot of research before you get them.

If you have the opportunity too before actually buying one I would see if you could spend time with someone who owns them so you can see if they really are the right pet for you.
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i dont know much but as with any pet mak sure you do plenty of research xxx
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OH gosh what can I say?

You have to absolutely keep up with them as if they were a baby! You have to be able to prepare their food, clean pouches, trim nails, spend a LOT of time with them, and find a good vet in your area.

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Originally Posted by Catherine View Post
Sugar Gliders will pee and poo on you! They throw their food out of the cage and scrubbing fruits and veggies off the wall and floor is not easy!

As a owner of 2 Sugar Gliders (Shumway & Braum) I am sorry to hear that you have had such a negative experience with these sweet little creatures..... as my 2 SG are totally different from the ones you have described.

They only thing I can agree with you where Sugar Gliders are concerned is that Yes, that are a lot of responsibility, but no more than any other animal you may take in as a family pet.

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I totally agree about the commitment. We have lots of different kinds of pets at our house, and the sugar gliders definitely require the most, focussed time. My daughter takes Milton out when she gets home from school, and he rides around on her back, under her outer shirt, for as long as she'll keep him there (sometimes up to 8 hours). He is very bonded to her, but he still tolerates me. We have a new little girl, Stella, to keep Milton company, but we've only had her for about 3 weeks and she hasn't bonded to us yet, so we haven't been able to get the two together. She does nip occasionally at this stage of the game. She's frightened. We understand that patience is the primary value for now. We hope eventually she'll be riding around on someone's back, as well.

So, along with holding Milton several hours a day, we let them out to play for at least 1/2 hour each per day (separately, at this point). We hope soon to be able to let them out together for an hour. This requires being up and alert at about 11:00 p.m. Sometimes we let them out in the morning for a little while, too, if there's time.

They eat mealworms and a variety of fruits, veggies and grains. Stella likes chicken from Famous Dave's with the sauce taken off. Their diet needs to be varied and to include fresh foods. There is an alternative to trimming their nails by hand. We are very happy with our Wodent Wheel with its specially designed sandpaper insert, which files their nails down while they run.

We love our suggies. They are fascinating and full of personality. And perhaps some of what we love is their dependence on us and what we need to do for them on a daily basis.
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Might I also mention they live 15 years.
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I don't know that much about sugar gliders myself but I do know of some helpful websites so I'll just pop some helpful links here:

Pet Info Packets :: Sugar Glider Informational Packet
GliderCENTRAL - Viewing a list of Forums UBB.threads™
Ruth's Sugar Glider Page

Note: Yes, I did copy paste this from another entry where I posted this . I'm lazy. Hope the links are helpful though.
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research, research is my advice if you do your homework and you will be reward`d with the most wonderful companions but may i say it is best to buy 2 as they love company and they snuggle together in thier pouches to sleep

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This thread is from 2006
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yeah the sugar glider section is not terribly active, always have to check the post date and make sure its not 3 years old O.o
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Hi i have done alot of research myself on SG i am wanting 2 for christmas! althought i now they need ALOT of care feed,treats love money! food they need fresh every night a ride variate! well i would do research and consider it deeply but trust me there great!
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