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Adventures of Litter Training Pot Bellied Pigs

Training a pot-bellied pig is almost as easy as litter traning a cat. First mistake I made was I used a regular size litter box. For a 40 pound pig this was not quite big enough. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought an under the bed Rubbermaid container and I took the saws-all and ct an opening in the side so her big belly wouldn't get scratched up and I sanded down the edges.

Now I had went online to see how to go about the easiset way to do this, but I got a few different answers. One was to lock her up in one room of the house until she was 6 months old. Considering that she wasn't used to people(she was raisd in a horse stall) Ididn't think that this was the way to get her used to us and us used to her. The second answer I got made a lot more sense. They said that if you lock your pig up for that long then once they have free range of the house then they think they can use the rest of your house for a litter box because they don't sleep there.

What I did was I put a small litter box in my kitchen because I did have her locked up for a week or so until I had read the other info and I put the larger one in my dining room. Pine litter is the ONLY thing that can be used as litter. Pigs noses are very sensitve to scents and perfumes. Most cat litter has one or both of these things added to make it smell good(My vet says that the cheapest brand of cat liitter usually has the least amount of perfumes and is actually the best for your cat as well)the smell will cause the pigs nose to break out, cause sinus problems and possibly infections. I know this sounds gross but what I did was let her go pee one time and then I claned the mess up and put the litter box down on top of where she had went. This would make going back to the same spot a lot easier since she chose it.
I eventually got rid of the one in the kitchenbut a few weeks later she found the cat box and thought that she could go there. But since my cat box is covered she started going beside it. She was also still using her regular litter box. Since I really didn't want her litter box in my dining room I decided to put her litter box in the back hallway next to the cat litter box and put the small litter box in the dining room until she got the picture of only going in the one in the hallway. Now we only have one litter box and Elvira and I are both very happy with the ending
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Awwww, Smart little (should we say big LOL) piggie, So she wanted the kitty box, LOL
Sounds like Elvira is one smart girl. Pics please!!! We have to see pics.

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I am working on getting pictures up but right now my scanner is down but I WILL HAVE PICTURES SOON!
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i my self have a 5 mounth old pig that was to be litter traind but it is not i read a lot a bout them and i also have got diffreant ancers one said lock them in a pen with litter and food and give a treat when thay use the litter but then the pig would get lonaly would it not so i am lost now al difreant ancers and i want to do whats best for my pig can some one please help
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Hi I am new and in need of HELP! My 4 month old pig, Penelope won't use her litterbox when she is out of her crate
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litter box, litter train

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