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Congrats! I'm sure you'll have fun with them! When you get them make sure you post pictures in a new thread! I think if you posted in this thread it would get wayyyy to long because everyone would be saying how cute they are! lol.
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Breeding these dogs would be a bad idea, not unless you are able to conform to what makes a responsible breeder. This involves pre-approving homes before a litter is even born, having them OFA tested, among other tests, and NOT BREEDING RESCUES.

25% wolf is considered low content. I have studied a number of old accounts dealing with 1/4 wolfdogs and they seem to be much like the average northern breed dog, perhaps just a bit more intense, but should be nowhere near the highs and pures. However, please remember that with most wolfdogs and most dogs mixed with northern breed dog, there are certain traits you will still have to deal with.
-They are extremely independent and can be difficult to train. When let off lead, don't be surprised if the dog decides everything else in the world is 100x's more interesting than you are and you find your pleading for the dog to return is like asking your goldfish to dance a jig.
-They are GREAT escape artists. Some require 8' tall fencing with lean-ins and dig guard to prevent escape. This is expensive, so be prepared.
-They don't make the best indoor pets. With low content wolfdogs and northern breed mixes, it is possible to housetrain them, but don't expect to be able to leave them there for long periods of time and never have anything inside destroyed.
-High prey drive. If taught young, lows and northern mixes can be taught to live with cats, horses, etc. but don't get angry if Fluffy ever gets eaten.
-The window of socialization for wolves is much smaller than in dogs. As a result, you have to work extra hard to socialize them.
-Wolves are pack animals. So are wolfdogs and northern breed dogs. Also worth noting, if you choose to keep two or more females together, be prepared to have to separate them later in life if they start fighting (females have a habit of not getting along. Fights can turn deadly).

Also, just to clarify, wolfdogs are NOT more aggressive than the "average" dog, and NO, leaving them outdoors won’t “turn them wild” (where THAT myth got started, I have no clue, I find it rather funny). Wolfdogs are often shy by nature. I spent a good deal of time trying to collect stories of people-aggressive wolfdogs. I found a few, but all were a direct result of poor breeding, poor husbandry, or the wolfdog just happening to have serious dominance or territoriality issues (which I have discovered seems to be fairly rare).

Please consider joining http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wolfdogz/ . Here you will find a “collection” of many other wolfdog owners who can assist you in preparing and raising these wonderful animals. Remember, they are not for everyone!

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my dad had a dog that had some wolf in him, he was a very smart 1 too... he looked like a white german shepherd and he could jump so high!

i know this is kinda off the subject but.....

Sam^^i dont know if u can see the wolf in him...... but isnt he gorgeous?

too bad he died before i was even born but i saw home videos of his tricks and he was awesome! u should get a wolf/german shepherd :p

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i love my lil baby sebastien!!!!! almost 11 months old. baby on the way.......... due april 18 2010..... its a boy!
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awww he's beautiful, i'll think about getting a wolf/german sheperd
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Im no expert but I read the more managble ones are Wolf/Siberian husky, malamute type mixes. Just for the fact that German Shepards have a higher perpensity for aggresion (listed #3 on breeds for fatal attacks on humans). Not saying they are horrible but its a factor I consider.

Dont let anyone ruin your day Jade Im happy for you and I know your a responsible owner. You, Mygala (or whatever his name is) and another woman convinced me over a year ago that a monkey would never make a good pet .. Altho this post is almost 2 years old HAHA! Ty for Forum search!

So how sdid it work out Im curious?
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Uh, Janabors... Just FYI

This thread 'died' (last post) in Jan of last year, and the OP hasn't logged on since Nov of last year. She probably won't see or respond...


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Haha yeah ..I realized that after I finished the post =P
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