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We got in a fight

So my new baby Richardson's Ground Squirrel, Maggie, and I got into a fight 2 days ago. I was working on taming her down and bonding with her when she totally spazzed out. I tried holding her to establish domination until she calmed down. She kept trying to bite my fingers that were around her chest but she's so fat that instead she kept biting her own chest fat. So I freaked b/c I didn't want her to hurt herself so I put her back in the laudry basket I was playing with her in. By this time I think she had worked herself up so much she would just roll over on her back when I tried to pick her up and squeek at me. It was awful! I guess she viewed me as a threat and thought I was trying to hurt her. This broke my heart so I picked her up with a towel and calmed her down as much as I could. I spent several minutes petting her then put her back in her cage. I though it would be the most comforting place for her.

I took her out yesterday and she seemed fine. Her chest doesn't have any marks and it's not red but it could be a little bit puffy so I don't think she hurt herself very bad, if at all. She actually played with me yesterday and was very affectionate. I was amazed but I still don't know if I did the right thing. The only problem I have with her is when I try to retrieve her from her cage. To work on that I've been talking to her and walking up to her cage frequently to get her used to me, but I don't know how else to fix that. I know that's her "safe place" so I hate to do anything wrong when she's feeling comfortable.

Any suggestions on any of this?? Did I do the right thing??? I tamed my PD but again, it was 9 years ago and I'm very rusty. I just don't want to tramatize her any more than she's already been tramatized!!
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aww...poor baby...that melts my heart

maybe when you try to get her out of the cage you could offer treats and if she s still frightened, you could just leave the door open and still be in the room, have a bowl of treats in the room and perhaps that will give her an incentive to go out and explore the surroundings...im sure that when she gets used to her surroundings she will be less scared and no longer have such panic attacks....its just gonna take some time to get her used to the surroundings and you...shes young and needs to learn and bond more with you

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Go to http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/LUV-R-PDS/ as there are several RGS people on the PD forum there that maybe able to offer you more advice. Personally I would handle it much similar as to the way you would a PD. Dont remove her from the cage. Just leave the door open and allow her to do the bonding with you. Sit in the floor not far from her cage and use toys and treats. Eventually she will move closer to you on her own comfort level. You'll know when she is ready to allow you to pick her up. If she starts to stiffen up abit then dont attempt it. Wait till you feel she appears comfortable such as if she is climbing into your lap. Dont ever do anything forceably as it will only alienate her more. Keep some good thick oven mits around just incase also or a very thick towel. Give her time. It took my PD's several months to allow me to pick them up so I imagine it's not much different with an RGS in regard to bonding.
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