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about their behavior....

In a few month i will have a Lop rabbit.

I want that he or she only stay in the cage when im not at home... so when i am...he can walk for all the house ...

My question is about their behavior once out of the cage... i think that they do their needs in the cage right? in a specific bathroom?

So is there any problem that all of you already notice in let the rabbit out of the cage??
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Make sure all your electrical cords (and anything else you do not want chewed on) are out of the way! Rabbits love to chew! They will chew anything and everything, regardless of whether or not it is good for them. You will need to make sure that the room(s) you let your rabbit out into are bunny-proofed.

While you can litter box train your rabbits, be prepared for little droppings everywhere -- that's one way that they sort of mark their territory, it's virtually impossible to expect them to only poop in their box, though generally, they will use the box for major dumps. They like to use the same corner or area most of the time, so the easiest way to train them is to find out which corner he/she will go in, and put the litter box there.

You should consider keeping the rabbit in his/her cage when you are not around (ie. going to sleep, leaving the room), so as to ensure that no unexpected accidents or unauthorized chewing occur.
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I have a rabbit in an indoor hutch but I can lift off the lid whenever I'm around so he can get in and out as and when he wants. This is also good because to start with he felt safer sleeping in his cage (especially as he sleeps more or less on his back with his feet in the air!) He does chew everything so I tend to keep him pretty much to one room which is rabbit proofed. He is very good about going to the toilet and only ever goes in a corner of his cage. Good luck!
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My one bunny Sugar is very good about not having accidents, but Coco sometimes still does though the majority of her poops and pee is where it belongs. Theyw ere litter trained exactly the same way, are both healthy, and close in age so Im assuming its kinda just the bunny too...their personality and how they take to it.
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Most of ours are fabulous but we always expect a few dingleberries here & there (you just get used to it & hope no-one just "drops over" for a visit before you get to clean up).

I would suggest having a few trays out around the house (locate them in corners of the room) as I wouldn't expect any one my buns to go back to their enclosures for their toilet (some do, some don't). Expect a lot of mess at first, get a good dustpan & brush, have a bin handy to pick it all up & get a good sponge for accidents. Though, saying that, it will depend on your bunny as to how quick he or she picks up the whole litter training thing & how worried you are about mess.
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