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Adolescent Pup
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Accidentally kicked my bunny!!! :(

Last night, I was walking into my kitchen, and Flash ran right in front of my foot while I wasn't looking. He had been in the living room, more than 20 feet away, so I didn't expect him to follow me so quickly. This is where his name comes from.

I partially tripped over him. I kept my footing, but it really felt like I'd given him a solid kick. Of course, the first thing I did was got down on the floor and started petting him. He was a little nervous and ran away from me at first, but I managed to get him to come to me, and I pet him and snuggled up some. I made a point of patting down every part of his body to see if he responded, and he didn't act like he was in any pain or anything, so I don't think I kicked him as hard as it seemed when it happened. I do wish I'd seen where I kicked him, but I only felt it at the time.

So I gave him two baby carrots, and he acted all happy and chowed down like normal, so I figured everything was ok. This morning, he got all excited for his breakfast and ate like normal, so I think he's fine. It was just scary at the time, though, because it really felt like I'd kicked him hard enough to hurt him.

The other good thing is that he did let me comfort him and calm him down after it happened. He's only been living with me since April, and he's still sometimes a little aloof, so I wasn't sure if he liked me enough to let me comfort him. But he snuggled right up to me when he was scared last night, once I pet him for a second to get him to stop running in a panic.

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Can't Stop Touching Her Eyes
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Poor Flash and poor you. I know how horrible that is because Teddy has done that to me. They come out of no where sometimes. I have to be really careful when I vaccuum Teddy's room. He isn't afraid at all so he will come right up to it. I am always afraid of hitting him.
It sounds like you did a good job of making him feel better. Give him pets from me.

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Playful Pup
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no worries... he wll be ok.. my bun does that all the time especially when its feeding time. I need to tip toe around the house..
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Betta Bomb
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awww, Akina always does this to me. i hope she wouldnt nd i think yours is ok,peace
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I'm glad his fine... just keep on eye on him...
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Adolescent Pup
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He's being his normal playful self tonight. There may be a little black and blue under his red fur, but I can't see it, and he's not acting injured, so I think all's forgiven.

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i sympathize... just yesterday, my husbadm reached into our change jar for a couple of laundry quarters, and he dropped two RIGHT on lucy's head, from pretty high up. she looked a little stunned. he feels awful. but she doesn;t seem to be feeling it now. i'll bet that if flash was really hurt, he'd have let you know!
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It happen to snoopy which I actually also stepped on him once. I was washing dishes, as I was trying to just step back to get something from the cabinet below, oops, there was snoopy sitting right behind my foot and step on him a little. He ran immediately back to his cage and I gave him some treat and be happy again. So now, if I know he is playing in the kitchen while working, I would slide my feet if I need to back up to get something in my cabinet below because he also likes to sit some where close to me (which I don't notice). And also likes to run between my feet or just suddenly appear while I'm walking.
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Will It Ever Change?
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awww hun! probably scared you both a ton!! glad he's okay, these things happen

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude." - Amy Tan
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