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I have nothing against people keeping outdoor rabbits when its done responsibly but I think the shelter's educating people on how to do so and etc as suggested (while IDEAL and great) just isnt likelt to happen.

Im also not saying people who keep rabbits indoors are better owners, but overall I think I agree that the chances of neglect are less likely.

Yes, I wish the shelters would do what your suggesting, but I also think that its an overly idealistic hope. Its not likely, simply put, at all.
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My rabbit lives indoors in a huge cage in the living room. He gets out of cage playtime every night and spends much of his time with the family. Personally, I don't like for any "pet" to have to live outside. What's the point of having a pet if it's not given time with the family? Especially in the winter when most people don't want to be out in the cold.
I think what the shelters are trying to avoid is those people who stick their rabbit outside and pretty much end up ignoring it. It's sad, but in many cases, that does happen. Also most rabbit hutches that are outside are not predator proof. My own rabbit cage is made out of expanded steel and is welded together. That thing is darn near bear proof! Of course I have two pitbulls and although I wouldn't expect my dogs to ever even try to break into his cage, we made sure it was impossible for them. As far as having an outdoor shed that they can live in, as long as it doesn't get too hot in summer or too cold in winter, that situation 'should' be fine in my opinion
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Originally Posted by boing
I will be looking for new homes for these little guys in the near future and my policy will be to only adopt them out to people who will house them inside. That's just me though as I want to know they will be safe from predators, insects, weather, etc.

The other thing about my outdoor bunnies is that I don't get to interact with them nearly as much as my indoor bunnies & I wish I could. If you don't see them constantly, how do you know they are happy & how can you monitor their health??
Speaking for myself, I would not want to adopt house rabbits. If I were going to adopt, I would go for the outdoor rabbits or the problem rabbits with the poor litter box habits or the destructive rabbits that are hard to find homes for because those rabbits are not such a problem outside. At the shelters, they have profiles on the rabbits so that people can be matched with the right rabbits.

I can see my hutch when I look out of my kitchen window. I can see my rabbits popcorn in their hutch, play with sticks and chase each other up and down the ramps (it is a big hutch). When I let them out to play, I get to watch them dance. In the winter, they like to play in the snow. They have an upper level that is filled with hay and they always have a place to go to get dry and so they don't get sick. They never mess on the upper level, which is where they like to spend most of their time, away from their bathroom area. I know they are happy because I see it in them every day.
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Absolutely, I totally agree! Everyone should have a limit & I'm totally up to mine. The eight indoor bunnies I live with came from all over the place (rescues, found, surrendered) but with a well oiled routine, everything has been falling into place (fortunately!).

The last bunny I found on the side of the road (injured, wet & scared) and she happened to be pregnant & within four days at our place had seven little ones!! We doubled our numbers overnight and since then we've had one of the babies with EC & another with a stomach blockage. Vet bills are creeping up on us constantly so I would totally recommend anyone thinking of taking on so many animals to realise there are huge costs involved (BTW - our little Lily with EC has made a full recovery as has her brother Sammy & his tummy problem - they were the smallest of the litter so we figure they may be weaker than the rest).

I would love to see some of my guys romping around outdoors but without somewhere safe cordoned off for them to run, we'd lose them in a second (our garden's a bit too large & we don't have good fences). I did used to take our first bunny out for a run on a harness but she doesn't like to be picked up so I think she'd be more scared of leaving the house now than staying indoors.
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Chain link dog kennels make safe play yards for rabbits and tops can be bought for many of these. Also, on some models, and extra side can be purchased that will work as a top. They can also be padlocked. Hutches will fit inside of these with no problem, and they can also be put up around a shed. Perhaps people would be willing to donate some kennels to your cause.

For information on the humane treatment of outdoor rabbits, check out the information that can be found at: ( I do not understand why the House Rabbit Organization and its chapter members, along with the Humane Society do not give this kind of information out to the public. Can anyone please explain?
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Correction: I do not understand why the House Rabbit SOCIETY and it's members or the Humane Society do not give out information on the humane treatment of outdoor rabbits. Isn't saving and improving the lives of ALL pet rabbits part of what they are all about? Or is the decision to provide only negative information about keeping rabbits outside a political one? I know these two groups have a partnership. Can anyone explain?
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