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advice please... my rabbit isn't well

Hello. I have a little problem with my rabbit, Floppers. He's actually my boyfriend's rabbit. When he (the boyfriend) moved in with me, we left the rabbit at my mother's to take care of it until my boyfriend and I find a house (this was 3 months ago) because my apartment complex doesn't allow pets. Today my boyfriend and I stopped by my mother's and we found out the rabbit has been completely neglected. The bag of litter is completely full, meaning she didn't change the litter once. She was just now getting to the bottom of the bag of food, which should have lasted a month. Floppers is very skinny. You can feel all the bones in his spine and his hips. And he looks downright miserable. He hasn't been let out (he's used to having the run of Bill's apartment at least once a day). She has a rabbit of her own which looked fat and happy with clean bedding.... doesn't make one bit of sense to me. Needless to say we';re both furious and the rabbit is now in our apartment, we'll just have to deal with the consequences if we get caught before we move. Now for the point of all this: We got him some new food and cleaned his house and let him run around a little bit and he's looking a little more active and eating, but not nearly as much as he used to. Since he's eating, should I assume he's going to recover?? We are dirt broke right now (he just got laid offof not one but two jobs) but if we have to find a vet in this area we will. Any advice????
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can't think of one, help
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just make sure he's also drinking and bathrooming too. And that he has lots of good hay and give fresh veggies a little at a time till he gets better. Did your mother have any explanation for neglecting the little guy, whilst caring for her own?


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I would go ahead and get him to the vet. Starved rabbits like that tend to have teeth issues going on as well.

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Well I don't think he can go from barely eating (due to not being fed) to eat huge amount of food the next day. I think it will take a bit to bring him back up to where he was at. It's a good thing he's going back up slowly

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Oh no! how can one be so insanely cruel??
keep your eye on him and make sure he has food, hay and water he'll eat as he likes and like Meg said, he wont go from eating very little to eating like a king overnight.Give him time and bless him for being lucky enough to hop out of it alive! your mother should be punished ...shame on her
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Aw poor bunny! I would try to "nurse" him back to health and if he doesn't perk up then take him to the vet. Hopefully all the poor guy needs is some tlc. Do you have a good local bunny shelter that might be able to give you some advice? Hopefully if you explain the situation to them they'll be willing to help. Good luck!!
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