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hi, im new on this forum. i jioned to find out some stuff about bunnies. i really want one, but my mom and brother are allergic. are there any types that are good for allergenic people? or are there some things you can do to make there fur less allergenic or something we could do in the house? i read that you can keep them in one room and stuff, but i dunno. also, we go to my cottage everyweeked in the winter, would it be best to leave the bunny @ home, or take it with us (2 1/2 hour drive). thanx, any info would be great!!
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you may try a Rex around them - they have the shortest fur (hair is usually the culprit for allergies). are you certain they're allergic to rabbits or maybe just hay? if hay is the allergy you can purchase cubes of hay - it's just compressed hay so it's not dusty

my buns have their own room, but a circle pen is another great idea for buns to make sure they have plenty of space if you don't want to give them the run of the room.

how long would you be leaving the bun alone for? if it's only a day or two, he'd be ok, just make sure you give him extra water, hay, and food, and if you can, have someone to come by and look in on him.
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bunny living

your mom and bro could try adding alfalfa to their diets to help their allergies

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if i kept it in my room only, do you think that it would spread throughout the house?? i thought i heard that chinchillas were hypoallergenic? would a chinchilla be a better choice? (except they live a lonnnng time)
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as long as they don't spend a ton of time in your room, it'd be fine

ps - buns live a long time too
properly cared for indoor buns can live to be 15 years old, and i've personally heard of a 19 year old bunny
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