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Allergies to hay

This may sound strange. But, Iím not personally allergic to hay but I talk to a lot of people that are and Iím looking for some info to give them. I also see so many people on craigslist getting rid of their pets cause of an allergy. And I want to be able to tell them they donít need to get rid of it.

What are some of the options for people when it comes to allergies to hay? Iíve read you can switch their hay. Can it be switched to any other kind of hay (other than alfalfa) or only certain kinds?

Any information would be helpful.
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Adult rabbits should be fed timothy hay. Not alfalfa.
However, you can mix in some oat, orchard, meadow or alfalfa hay into their timothy but they NEED NEED NEED hay in it's coarse form. Do not suggest they can feed the cakes for the hay intake. Coarse hay is needed to trim their teeth. It is crucial.
That said, enlist these people to the internet. Research their pets before buying them. The molting rabbit is not for the sensitive. People can take allergy medication for their hay allergy. I'm allergic to hay but it doesn't mean I'm about to send Acacia off into the world to live with someone else.
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I've heard hay cubes minamize the allergies to hay. Of course your trading that for lessened dental care as the rabbits need to chew on long strands of hay. I am allergic to hay, and I usually take an allergy pill before I dole out hay and sometimes wear a mask doing it. I immediately wash my hands and face after and all this seems to he helping minamize the effects.
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Please don't assume that if your rabbit has unlimited amounts of hay, that they can't have teeth problems. I had seven satin rescue rabbits two years ago, and I only have two left. All of the satin rabbits have had teeth problems, and I am trying to save the life of one of my two remaining rabbits. Some teeth problems are genetic, perhaps the result of bad breeding practices.
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allergies can be more than a runny nose and sneezing...

I agree that individuals should research their pets before they purchase them, but there are cases of 'allergies' that are unknown and only appear once you are presented with a certain allergen--such as rabbit hair. I was not always allergic to my bunnies but unfortunately after a few years my allergies have grown from not only the stuffy/runny nuse and uncontrollable sneezing to bronchial asthma--when I breathe in bunny hair. The hair is so fine that little strands of it just seem to float casually through the air--even after extreme cleaning and regular grooming--it's like dust-a few strands just breeze through the air. I know I have sucked one of these tiny strands in b/c my throat begins to close up and I begin wheezing and have to use my inhaler...I also take prescription stregnth Zyrtec from the pharmasicist and it does help with the typical allergy symptoms--just not the asthma. So, that may be why some people look for other homes for their bunnies---I just keep my inhaler very handy. If either of my children were severely allergic(asthma) I would then have HAVE to find other arrangements for my bunnies. So-I understand why some people feel like they can't keep their pets.
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