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Almost gave him away

This Christmas has been a very stressfull one for me and on Christmas day I almost made a decision that probably would have regreted.

I went to a meal with Mum and Dad to their friends house , on our arrival our hosts younger family I.E son or daughter was there , cant think which but they had there spouse with them , earlier that day I had arrived at mum and Dads house in a right state , tired from riding my bike and almost having a anxiety attack after yet more annoyance from Schneeball during the morning.

to cut a long story short an offer was made to offer Schneeball a new home at Bournemouth with another rabbit and a duck that follow eachother around , at the time that I was mum and dad early I was nearly in tears with the stress and for a few hours after the offer later in the day I thought maybe it would be a good idea to release him and let two young kids have him instead.

My father being the way he is did'nt make things any easier and went on and on about him and by the end of the evening meal silently I was having quite a upheavel inside that head of mine.

Time ran out and I stayed at Mum and Dads house for the night , I went home briefly this morning and returned to Mum and Dads later in the day , nothing more was said , but on popping down to Barbara's I mentioned how I had considered giving up Schneeball because he was proving to bold , intelligent and annoying for me.

It was then Barbara and I eunanymously decided that giving up Schneeball =^o^= would tear me apart , mainly due to the reason of loosing my last rabbit Nash-eoke 4 years ago , something I have not completely recovered from to this day and that I need Schneeballs company.

The problem is Schneeball is a Chinchilla Blue , and that instantly means he is a friendly , bold and intelligent breed that can be long living , I know for a fact that a youngish family with two kids would eventualy tire of him like I have done in the past , yes they apparently have a big garden , but at this time of year you cant let a rabbit out anyway because of the cold and wet , and besides Barbara has a small contained garden with a good patch of grass that I allready release Schneeball and Toky-Ohki out in when the summer is here.

It seems that no matter what modification I do to his hutch to overturn a possible way he can annoy me , Schneeball automatically finds another way to attract my attention.

I know that he is doing this because he is a bit bored and wants attention , he is a terrible attention whorer and recently I have had him out to brush him on a section of kitchen unit that was once rested ontop of a Zannusi washing machine of which has now found a new home.

I find it hard petting and cuddling my so called bunny because he is continuously losing hair , recently he has'nt been quite so bad since I have been brushing him regularly , but since the washing machine has gone I dont have anywhere to brush him , and being 6 ft2 1/2 I need a good high place to groom him , today I did brush him on the setee but obviously this will create a hairy mess of which I later have to clear up.

The main problem with schneeball =^o^= is his early morning chewing of the inside of the hutch and also , I inserted a thick wire platform into his bedroom compartment part of his hutch , he has discovered that if he scratches the wire platform lengthways now he can scoop all the wood shavings and absorbant pine pellets out and starts tugging at it.

this means yet again for the fourth or fifth time I have to make modifications to his hutch , I now have to find a section of thick wire grid of which has squares small enough that he cant scoop everything out from underneath , a grid that wont corrode on contact with his urine , preferbly aluminium or plastic coated , but even a plastic coated grid platform has it's downfalls , because the type of rabbit he is he will start chewing the plastic off even if he cant dig out the shavings and pine chips like he did before.

It is a complex situation that I must deal with and I cant let a family that does'nt know him deal with what I do.

I am Mildly Autistic and have been told again and again how I always do things the hard way , simple things are a big deal and more complicated things I find easy , it's just the way I work mentaly.

Nothing is perfect for me and I am constantly working and using practical skills to improve my envioment , this shaving and litter scratching poses a problem.

but I know I will prevail as always , it's just me to do things the hard way and I will contiue to look after the cuddlebunny that I love and find a suitable square mesh grid to adapt into a platform to cover a layer of newspaper , shavings and litter in the bed area where he does whats natural.

but I just thought I would let you know


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* sings *

He's in the Jailhouse now , he's in the Jailhouse now , well I told him once or twice .

To stop chewing wood and Pooping nice , he's in the jailhouse now.

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Oh, my! I don't know much about buns, but my kitties can drive me bonkers on occasion. I've never gotten over the ones I've lost either, and I can't imagine life without my two monsters, so I get your point there! I hope you can find the type of wire you need quickly and rig something up to make you both happy. Hang in there!!!
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I get that way with Frankie. I know I couldn't ever part with him even though at times my nerves are so rattled! Sometimes I just have to kennel him and get away for a bit. I do understand being at the end of your rope with him. Just think of him as your challenge.

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I think Bunnies just enjoy pushing our buttons sometimes, then sucking up afterwards so you can't be mad at them for long.
My Jersey Wooley, Baby is a fine example of a naughty Bunny. But I just have to keep adapting and try to think of the postitive things he does, like kisses and cuddles

Maybe if you can get a couple pictures of your set-up we can help give you ideas to stop you bunnies bad habbits?
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Paw Talk's prodicle son .
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Well this subject of pictures has been asked of me before , but as I said I have very little room left in my Photobucket accounts left now , that is why I tend not to post too many pics in the forums.

The last topic being my Moog and Wilja Topic in Mouse and Rat , I just this second just finished refitting his hutch again , he has had a drink and an earlier nibble at some straw and hay , but so far has layed off the scratching.

I am sure I have a picture of a previous metal grid that I had used to keep him from scratching the newspaper and pine litter , this previous grid was made from the bottom of a dumped shopping basket that I put some cutters too , it was replaced about a month ago by the previous one that was made out of a dumped shopping trolley , much thicher wire but long rectangles and not squares , thats my problem I need squares and not long and thin where he can get idea's and scratch everything out from underneath , it also has to be able to not corrode quickly on contact with his urine.

He's chewing on something right now , I cant see exactly what it is maybe Straw or hay but I estimate he should start turning his hutch upside down with two or three days , if he does it any sooner I have problems , it means he has got into the habbit of excess scratching.

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* sings *

He's in the Jailhouse now , he's in the Jailhouse now , well I told him once or twice .

To stop chewing wood and Pooping nice , he's in the jailhouse now.
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Don't feel bad, Jon. All of our buns love rattles and bells, and happily play with them. I'm up and about in the mornings, sometimes early enough to wake the buns up. The buns are very respectful about playing with their toys too early, but once I'm up and they've been fed they start playing to their heart's content.

One problem... Jason doesn't have to be at work until 2:00 pm, and if they wake him up he systematically takes their toys away. This makes the buns bored and they make more noise until he gives them their toys back. It's a vicious cycle... and all I can do is laugh as the bed head comes storming out of the bedroom and becomes Mr. Toy Snatcher.
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wood shavings

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