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Since Caesar died, my parents have been wanting to get another rabbit. They haven't been pressuring me at all and are very nice about it, but I can just tell. My dad loved Caesar so much. Nothing will ever replace my little guy but I was thinking about getting an angora bunny. In the spring time though when it's warm and I can acclimate him/her to being outside. I know angoras need to be brushed, is there anything else special about them? How big do they get? What about lionhead bunnies? Those are cute too. My parents and I also know that Charlie might not get along with the other bunny, and we would work on that and even have them in separate cages permanently if that's the case. I don't feel like gettin a new rabbit is truly what I want to do, it feels wrong, but Charlie might be lonely and my parents want another rabbit. Things just aren't the same used to be me wanting a new pet.
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I've never owned an Angora but if they are anything like my girls they need lots of grooming! If I remember correctly they even need to be shaved cause their fur doesn't stop growing.....not 100% on that one though.
If you want another rabbit then don't feel bad about it at all....I'm sure Ceaser just wants you to be happy. I'm sure that once a new rabbit is in your house then you will fall in love with that one too. It doesn't mean you don't love Caeser or wish he was still here, we all know you aren't replacing him in any way at all

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i watched a lady spin yarn off her angora once. it was this big fat happy rabbit, practically purring in her lap as she groomed it. i don't know what it weighed but it was soooooooo soft! think of the nursery rhyme type big rabbits and you will get an idea. hers was a pet. she sold clothing she knitted out of rabbit fur.
they were all her pets and very very well cared for.
if you get one save all the loose fur you brush off daily. if you don't spin , trust me someone would love to have it!
your rabbit would want you to be happy. a female may be the best choice. good luck.
its called plucking, not shaving, btw.
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Thanks guys. I'll do some research on them. They sound interesting.
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separate cages

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