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baby bun, help! :/

Alright, so I just bought my new rabbit and he is currently having a blast in my living room, running his heart out. But I've noticed, he only holds one ear up!

He never holds the other ear up. I am unsure about his age, because I recieved him from a pet store and the only thing they told me is tat he is a male.

Although, they showed me the mother rabbit so I would know about how big he gets, so I know he's under 7 months. I think.

But anyway, I don't know if this is cause for alarm or not?
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Hello Earthling
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When I had a bunny he always changed his ear position. Sometimes they were both up, sometimes they were down and other times it was one up and one down.

Nothing to worry about IMo but the rabbit experts should be able to answer your question better.

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Yeah. The thing is, he never changes the other's position? It looks loped.
I had a boston terrier, and when he was young he couldn't hold his ears up because the muscles hadn't developed.
So, I was wondering if that would be a reason why he's not moving it.
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Lopped eared rabbits ears start out standing up, and as they get older they eventually lop. But usually I believe the ears lop at a young age, around 8 - 11 weeks. It can take up to a few months for some rabbits, however some never completely lop.

Some lops get what is referred to as "helicopter ears" - where one is lopped and the other isn't, or both are only partially lopped and kind of stick out to the sides. Also some lops can have ear control. One of my holland lops has this - it is where their ears both lop, but they can control the muscle that moves the ear in one or both ears, so they can raise the ear up and move it, which normal lops can't do.

Another point is that you only said you saw your rabbits mother and didn't mention the father, so it could just be a mixed breed which could be why it's ears are like that.

As long as your rabbit is happy and healthy the way his ears look aren't that important. I think it's the cutest thing when Berry, one of my hollands, lifts one of her ears up. It sounds like your rabbit might just have one lopped ear, and maybe has ear control in the other? Normally lops can't move their ears that much, it's actually the one he can move that is different.

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Id love if my bunnies had one lopped ear!! I think it's SO cute!
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