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Backwards Mounting

I had my one bunny get bit last weekend while we were bonding, as she is (and has ALWAYS been) a backwards mounter. The last time that I finally got my girls to bond it was only b/c I allowed her to do her backwards mounting and establish her dominance. My other girl would just remove herself from the mounting.

However, after their fight, and this time around, the other bunny girl now bites whenever she is mounted.

So now I'm wondering if/how rabbits can be trained NOT to backwards mount. I've read that it's dangerous (and unfortunately now understand how dangerous), but no one ever talks about how to stop the behaviour... or what to do.

Has anyone encountered this b4? Any suggestions for how to deal with a backwards mounting rabbit??

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What do you mean by backwards mounting, first of all? Do you mean that instead of mounting from behind the other rabbit, she is mounting from infront of?

This is usually done out of confusion. "Proper" dominance is established from behind, away from teeth and claws. To start discouraging this behaviour, you should simply slide her around so she's establishing her dominance from the right side. She'll eventually get the picture.
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Yea... that's what I mean. And I hope that you are correct. I've been allowing Frodo to mount Lego from the front for over a year now... so I'm afraid that the behaviour will be extremely difficult to alter. That coupled with the fact that Lego is terrible about my moving Frodo around to her hiney.... well... it's gonna be fun! lol!!

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