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bi of health advice please!

well for the first time in over a year oscars managed to get sore bathing them once daily..i cant catch him twice! With a solution of warm water and hibiscrub.
we dont get neosporin over here but ive been advised to use sudocreme or preparation H!!
he is a bit miserable last few days..biffkins has been fine..EXCEPT..two days in a row she peed in the wicker puppy beds outside their cage..delibaretly avoiding the liter pan..i deemed it needed cleaning out more often then or maybe i was keeping it too clean!
yesterday my youngest daughter brought my grandaughter biffkins being a rescue bun is very scared but shes tolerated them before last couple of times..
yesterday evening she backed into the pop up tent for animals thats now in their bunny corner and has been for several days with hayrack inside it..and she sleeps like a dog in kennel doorway..
to my horror she peed where she noramllly sleeps in soaked righ through to the pink fleece under it and my carpet below that..i dont know why she did it..
the pee was cloudy pale yellow colour..same as it always been since i got her..i guessed it was just calcium..its not thick just cloudy and yellow like pale banana..
she peed several times once we caged them last night..theyve not been caged overnite since it got hot..water still in bowl this morning and food gone but when i gave them fresh water and breakfast..they just eyed me and ignored it..neither of them would come to say good morning..and when i came back lunchtime..they hadnt touched the food..they seem real grumpy..
oscar has trouble getting anywhere due to his short legs and i know how he got sore hocks so i tried to make things easier i grabbed a small cushion off the chair my mum sits in every evening when she comes round for dinner(my dad died a few months back and we live almost opposote each other and shes got a dislocated shoulder on the mend)
now maybe its that that prevented bif from wanting her cage/litter tray..maybe it was everything..but my daughters concerned she may be getting bladder trouble like our old house bun did..he had bladder crystals but he kept getting cystitis and infections with it and smelt real bad when he something gone off..eww
shes not been in out of the litter tray just several times in a minute then nothing for hours..maybe shes holding her wee in because shes too scared to go up to the cage..shes a rescue bun and very shy.
if shes showing signs of illness then ill take her to the vet..but this is so werd...shes been a dream since shes been litter trained..shes even got him off peeing onmy sofa when weve had visitors..i love her for that!

they both seem down and tired but thats probably due to my daughter beings so ill lately and sleep not being very much for both her or me..and so for the bunsters too..then early rising..well and my blackouts that go with my epilepsy then maybe were all too stressed out and buns included?
any tips..i will of course see the vet for advice if no improvment..right now i think theyre sulking cos they got too used to free ranging now im nasty prison guard!
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I would try

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thank you..i was advised to use a product called sudocrem so i tried it..i have found the cause of the fur los..he has mites although he shows no sign of them..just moulting as usual but sure enough the vet showed me one tiny patch of dry skin flaky a litl..mites!
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litter train, litter trained, litter tray

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