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Bifs isnt cancer of the cervix..pheww

Sorry ive not been around for a while!
Bif saw another vet..and exotics one..then a lady vet who was that vets wife.shes nearer me than he is!
Bif had another dental.the previous vets had messed up bigtime!
She did NOT have cancer..after a full day of very very soft and copius heaps of squishy poo the lump vanished! shehad in fact got a sever stress related gut disoredr that would could have killed her anyway! shes suffering sever traumatisation..from losing oscar and the house getting flooded..grrrr
she was given something we have over here alled PROTEXIN FIBREPLEX its a carrot flavoured probiotic fibre filed paste and within 24hrs she was pooing again..bigger ones and loads of them whoo hoooo. squishy poos still a prob..thats cos shes stressed and got fat it seems whichs shocked everyone!
shes doing so much beter now..fingers crossed eh.
just thought id update..just think that other vet wanted me to up her pain meds until she had to be pts!!
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Poor bun, she's had a rough time of it lately. I'm glad to hear she's feeling better, and that she doesn't have cancer.
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yay no cancer!!
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It just goes to show how important it is to find a good understanding vet. I switched mine a while back and I love my new vet he's so easy to talk to!!
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The right vet is so important. The first "bunny vet" Tabby saw turned out to be a quack. Unfortunately, I didn't know enough to walk out with her. The clipped her back teeth in the office with her awake. When she saw Dr Donato (the best bunny vet this side of the Alantic) he said that her teeth were not matching up properly. I am sure part of it is what that other vet did to her. If a vet told me he wanted to do that today I would pick up my bunny and leave the office. Actually I should take Ophelia to him - she would rip him apart if he tried that on her!

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