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Question bonding bunny mademy bunny sick

My housebun was sufferring stress following the recent death of my father and the upset the rest of the family had caused. The vet said his molars one side were sloping but didnt warrant a dental yet. She gave him an antiinflammatory and some rabit recovery mixand he seemed better after 24hrs...
monday this week we took him on his long awaited blind date at a local rescue foster mums. We came back with the smaller female.
It seemed to be love when we got them home unlike the meeting..and things were going well..except whilst on date..the bigger dow mounted him and he disappeared! Then she humped his face several times..he was a mess. his new friend humped his face twice yesterday...
last night i noticed his eyes were running and red so i bathed them with cooled boiled water and a little salt as you do.
His eye rims look reddish..more than usual. And he wouldnt stop attacking her today and hes been pretty off all around..not eating hay at all and hardly touching his bunny food.
I am going to call the vet in the morning to get an emergency appointment..i mean it could be could be bacterial due to amourous female bunnies...but theres the ever present threat of teeth problems.
If it turns out to be the latter i know **** be rough for a few days..

I am hoping **** get back to bonding with bunny after..or do you think i should return her to shelter..i wouldnt have taken her if i didnt think he was well.
we havent been having too much contact with her as shes so scared and shy..we are leaving her to bond with oscar first but shes soo sweet natured i have fallen for her already..
i dont know if its stresswith oscar of course..but i swear its teeth..or eye infection..tip..when taking neuter male on blind date with one neutered and one uneutered does..give bunny goggles!
Any tips gladly appreciated!!
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sorry to hear about about your bunny-bonding complications! It sounds like perhaps you should get your doe spayed before trying to bond them again, because one over-aggressive bun might cause a fight which could possibly lead to them becoming enemeies! so, i would hold off on the bonding process until you have her spayed.

I definately do not think you should should return your new bun to the shelter-especially if you are attatched to her. Things will work out either way for you. I was in a similar situation last year when i got my rabbit Sniffles. My first rabbit- Thimble- hated her and still does! However! i love Sniffles so so so so much that if i had ever given her back i would have regretted it forever!

I also think that because you are trying to bond a male and a female that you will have great success with it once your female is spayed and they are on equal ground.

OH! and is the runny eye should be seen by a vet. but it might not be serious. my rabbit was just in the vet because her eye was red and runny. It was a clear, teary substance that sometimes looked a little milky. Turned out it was just from the dry air this time of year here, and she just needed some drops for a week.

Good luck with everything!
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Im sorry to hear that. I agree with fane you need to get her spayed.

I got my 1st bunny when he was 1 month old. 1yr later we decided to go to the shelter to get him a girlfriend. We had 3 blind dates over there which went well but when we brought them home, it was ****. Then my little male bunny stop eating because of the stress. We had to force feed him etc... What i did is that i put her in another room for a week until he was eating again. As soon as they get stresses their immune system get low etc.

I would suggest that you put the new bunny in a far away room where your bunny doesn't go. Then once it recovers then try slowly. like 15 min a day and if it goes well you prolonge the time together

It took me 2 months to get my bunny bonded. Every night i took them on a car ride for at least 30 min.

But please get her spayed 1st. and you will probably need to separate them for a little while after u get her spayed. THat should give time to your bunny to get better. Do not rush them

Good luck
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Thank you very much for your advice..much appreciated.
I am sorry i didnt realise i posted so confusingly!
The big doe who was over amourous with my little oscar was awaiting to be spayed and vaccinated before she could be sent home....a couple have already reserved her!
I came home with the first doe he met and then met again an hour later..she has been vaccinated and spayed almost 3 weeks ago.
She had been in with her brother and somehow the rescue let him go seperatley after neutering him..although he was suspected of being sterile.or she was.
Shes fallen in love with oscar now..shes always trying to cuddle him or is just indifferent to him and washes in his prescence..
He on the other hand is now shunning her totally and indeed nipping her..pulling out a huge clump of fur yesterday.
You are right i think its stress but he was sooo happy with her and wouldnt let her sleep! Now its reversed..and hes very down..and his eyes are streaming again..i am taking him down the vets at ten past four we will see.
Putting her in a different room isnt an option unless she comes upstairs into a bedroom...but if its only temporary then i guess it wont hurt.
Shes got herself using a tray within 24 hrs of getting her..and shes almost 2..
i dont want to put oscars nose out of joint..and if she comes into my bedroom then i know im going to get so attached and wont leave her..she reminds me of my beloved cat who i lost in november..shes so shy and demure and curious.
I have only ever taken one animal back to a shelter..years ago..a cat as the family who gave her up had a son who badly abused youngest daughter was the same age and the cat attacked her even as she slept..she was never allowed to be in the same room..which upset her as shed had pets and was really good with them. Poor moggy had to be rehomed in a childesss situation.
i dont ever want to feel that sense of failure ever again
I am epileptic so dont drive..but my 21 yr old daughter put the cat carrier with them in on her lap on her electric wheelchair and went round for about 15 mins.
I have also been told to put them near or on the washing machine at spin or hoover round them..i think thatd kill him..he hates the noise but then might work!
I will keep you posted.
many thanks.
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Oscar has seen the vet twice in a week ...he didnt improve and threw a tantrum at his food bowl..rushed to eat started and then pulled a face and threw his bowl. Hes not eating hay and doing the tiniest poos ever!
Yup..tooty pegs although she says it looks so good doesnt warrant a dental but then you cant see all their teeth.
hes booked in for friday morn..hes been on cage rest and armchair cuddles..eye drops and painkillers till then..poor wickle fella. Leonie is very worried bout him..running round lounge shes trying to get in his dog crate..and sleeps so close to the bars next to him.
So if he pulls through ok i think itll make all the difference to their bonding.
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food bowl

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