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boot on the other foot suddenly..oh dear

well ive not been around much due to bertie getting a haematoma and then me going down with some awful virus..erghh!!
Everyday now i have to have bif in her crate due to squishy poos and me being ills hes spent 3 days solid in her crate but didnt want to come out even..Berties slept on guard outsdie her cage and last night early this morning there was much nose sniffing and bunny kissies through the bars..awww
today i let her oout and she attacked bertie twice in the lounge and she hid as he then retaliated by chasing her and growling..hes a f renchi so he cant chase for long! so i crated him up all day till this evening adn ihad to turf him out the crate..he was a bit tooo comfy in there!
well there was bif being herself and then wondering why he chased her..which he hasnt done for over a week by the way! till now!!

then just as i was saying how hed have to live upstairs as she was miserable and making him miserable biting him all the time..i still think the haematoma was connected to her even tho vet couldnt find a bite mark! she approached a very sleepy bertie and washed his ear top then his head and his face..awww and he didnt move..was he enjoying it or asleep? with french lops its hard to tell!!
up he jumped and chased her..i was as shocked as she was!
she hid from him and a few times wandered out..used one of his litter pans..ate his food drank his water..ate his hay and slept briefly on his floor cushion..its chilly tonite so she cuddled up to his butt..he must have been sound asleep cos he jumped outta his skin and turned and then up went the tail phewwee musky smell ( he was neutered last year)and he pounced on her almost for want of a better description!
typical i finally see her accepting him..and now after all this time he wants to give her a thrashing!
is it cos hes used to the lounge free roaming more than her these days and being so close with us that hes feeling hes king of the caslte and shes lost her claim tothe buny throne?
im too sick to sit on the cold floor in our tiny downstairs loo..brrrrr so do i try and put up the playpen in the lounge with puppy wee wee pads instead of a litter pan so no hiding getting territrial etc..
or do i just sit in the lounge with them..its been a long time now..over a month and they did fall in love at first sight..its jsut everythings gone bad healthwise for them both in the last month to delay or put the skids on bonding..
its so different to how bondidng went with her and oscar!
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