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Buddie and Andy don't get along

I have 2 rabbits Buddie(female) and Andy(male fixed) I got Buddie about 4 years ago and i got Andy about 2 years ago. When Buddie and Andy are out of there cage at the same time Buddie start scratching and biting at Andy.Andy runs and Buddie follows and they keep it up. So i have to keep them apart all the time. I was told to put there cages next to each other and that it may help them get along better. I have done that and it hasn't done any good. Will my buns ever get along or am i just going to have to keep them separated?

BTW i have taken them to a neutral place to see if that helps and it didn't still the same thing.

Buddie Andy
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It's not easy bonding bunnies. It takes a lot of time and patience. Also, since Buddie is still intact her hormones could be making her grumpy.
There are many tips on bonding. Putting the cages next to each other and bonding in neutral territory are good. I have also heard to take them for a car ride but you need another person to do this. One person to drive and one to watch the bunnies. I have used "scary" places like the basement or my family room with the dogs whining in the back. The best place I have found so far is the bath tub. It seemed to intimidate even the bold buns.
It is important to be sure that they don't fight. Bunny fights are awful. To separate them I typically use a water bottle. I would not recommend using your hands as you could get bit by accident.
Oh and you can also destract them during bonding time with salads.
There are more tips I am sure - I just cannot think of them.

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Female rabbits really should be spayed, especially if your trying to bond her to another rabbit. Females that arn't spayed can get very grumpy and are very commonly cage aggressive. Also, unspayed females have a high chance of getting cancer of the reproductive organs.

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Thanks. Buddie doesn't mind the tub and she gets baths when she gets dirty and she NEVER tries to get away from me and doesn't seem to mind.Andy won't even go near the tub...
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We found that bonding them in the bathtub worked the best. I would have to say that until the female is spayed things probably won't go smoothly...at least in our case. We used oven mitts while bonding...it worked pretty good at separating them when scraps broke out.
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i might add that my spayed girl Acacia is far more aggressive than un-spayed Akina.it depends on the bunny,i had Acacia spayed at 6 months and she never grew out of her craziness.Akina was never spayed and when GeishaGirl had her,she and was always a sweetie no bad hormones kicking in to make her grumpy..she loves cagemates and people and everything really..
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