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Lightbulb Build Your Own Cage? (Cage Idea)

I've noticed lola needs a bigger and better cage, and I want a 2 story one, we had this AWSOME 2 story one like over 5 yrs ago when we had my other 2 bunnies I think it cost like over $100. But I have found what I think Is a Nice Cage 'plan' and what I like most is I can build it, then if I get another rabbit expand it easily, and it will only be like $40 max, instead of like $100.
here's the plan w/ pics

What It will look like (empty)

With Bunny in it (and a little kid to see its overall size since I don't know what breed or size of bunny it is)

ok.. and here is the 'plan' (its EXACTLY what the web site ( said)

How To Build a Bunny Condo

Store bought cages are not only expensive, but usually too small for anything but a six-week-old bunny. If you're gone most of the day, your bunny will need to be kept in a safe place. This may mean a spare bedroom that has been bunny-proofed, a seldom-used bathroom, or your laundry room with a baby-gate across the doorway. If you don't have the luxury of an extra space, building a homemade "bunny condo" is an inexpensive alternative. We've also found that they're easy to collapse and transport!

We construct our cages out of storage cube 'shelving,' sold at Target, Sam's Club or Costco. It comes disassembled in a box and contains little round plastic connectors which you won't be needing for this particular project (you may find a use for them in the future though, so don't throw them away). Next, get a pack of 100 cable ties from a hardware store. These you will use to secure the 13" grid squares together to make cage walls. The excess cable tie length can be trimmed off. The total cage size will be three grids across, two grids deep, and two grids high.

Start out by making the walls of the cage. You will need to make two walls that are two grids across and two grids high, and two walls that are three grids across and two grids high. Once you get to the final stages it may be helpful to have someone hold one wall while you connect it to another.

You will need to make another 'wall' three grids across and two grids deep for the top ("roof") of the cage. Connect the top only at the back (and partially on the side) of the cage. The front can be secured with small spring clamps (from a hardware store). Now you have a roof that is hinged in the middle, so you can open it from the top and have easy access to the bunny's cage for feeding and cleaning. It's a good idea to slip a 1" dowel rod just under the roof at the center point (long ways) for support and attach it to the roof with more cable ties.

In addition to that opening, your bunny should have a 'door' on the bottom (front-middle location works best). Simply attach one of the grid squares on one side with cable ties and leave the other two sides "unhinged". Again, a small spring clamp makes a nice door 'lock'.

Most of our volunteers find that their bunny appreciates a second level. This is extremely easy to make and is good exercise for you bunny while he's confined to his cage; it is simply two grids across and placed approximately 11" off the cage floor, connected to the cage walls with cable ties. On top of that, place a lightweight wood board with an old blanket over that as a "cushion". Now your bunny has a lounging balcony. The larger hardware store chains will cut boards to any size you like for no extra charge.
Metal cage floors are not good for a rabbit; they're too cold in the winter and rust over time. Here's a link to a site that sells ABS plastic replacement dog crate trays that work perfectly as a cage floor. From this site, some of our members use the $26.95 model and we cannot recommend it enough; it is lightweight yet sturdy, very easy to clean, and a perfect fit for the above cage size. Another option is to go to Pier One or Cost Plus Market and purchase sea grass mats as a "carpet" for the bottom. This is a fine alternative and the mats are edible for a rabbit. If you have other ideas for a cage floor, just make sure it's safe for the bunny.

Here's your shopping list:

2 boxes of storage cube grids (Target or Costco) - price will vary - look for sales
1 jumbo pack of cable ties (Home Depot or Lowes)
1 - 1" dowel rod (Home Depot, Lowes or Meijer)
3 small spring clamps (Home Depot or Lowes) (2 at the top, one for bunny's door)
1 lightweight, thin wood board 27 3/4" X 13 3/4" (for a two-story cage)
2 litter boxes - one for the cage, one for the rest of the run space outside his cage (corner of whichever room bunny will have his run time in)

please tell me what you think!
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Many people use these for their guinea pigs. They're more commonly referred to as C&C (cubes and corroplast) cages. They work well for most buns.
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ok, does that sound/look like a good plan? It seems pretty fool proof to me
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yeah, go for it! we've built playpens out of them and had no problems
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That looks great. I prefer a cage with an open top, and have been planning to build a big divided one for my two buns. I will definitely check out that plan. Thanks for posting.
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Thats what I did for my bunny...heres the link
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I thought about doing that for my rabbits, but since they are housed in the living room and I have two pitbulls...well, even if the dogs did decide they wanted to "get" the buns, that cage wouldn't keep the dogs out.
So, for the safety of the buns and peace of mind for me, we built our rabbit cage out of expanded steel...with this cage, even a bear can't get into it! Right now only one bun is housed in this cage, the other has a standard rabbit cage until he is fixed and introductions are made. We are hoping to be able to house the rabbits together in this one. It measures, 4 feet wide, 3 feet tall and 2 feet deep and has 3 levels for playing and romping around.
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We currently are using the grids as a pen for the bunnies, and was working well, but now that we have moved them into the living room, we have had to gate off an area extended from the pen to prevent the dogs getting to them, when we are in there. The dog's are gated out of the living room unless we are in there, they tend to like the pillows on the couch a little too much
Mandie I love your buns cage, that is the first time I've seen it (not sure if you've posted it before or not).
I think the plan above sounds great btw!!!
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I ahve 4 dogs (2 standard Poodles, a toy poodle, and a chihuahua) but even my two big girls don't try to catch her, though I don't trsut the one.. she loves to chase wild rabbits, but the other one LOVES my bun bun and the bun bun loves her lol.
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That is a awesome idea!!! lmfao
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