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bunnies are so cute but i have heard they are not very cuddly. is that true? if they aren't i might be disappointed if i got one some day.
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What I've found with my rabbit (and the two before her) is that they aren't cuddly in the same way as a cat or dog - they don't like to be picked up and snuggled like that. My rabbit however will come over to me and climb on me, or lie down beside me and let me pet her forever... and when she wants to be touched she'll lick me and rub up to me.

It's all sort of up to your definition of "cuddly".
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load of rubbish, quite frankly
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They are VERY cuddly! They have their own personalities! I have one that follows me around like a puppy! She LOVES the attention! Just give them time to adjust to you!
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both of my rabbits love to snuggle! they especially love to be held like babies- cradled on their backs in my arms. i can sleep with them snuggled up with me as well. the way i got them to do this is that when i first got them as babies (around 3/4 months) i started holding them on their backs (cause they love to lie down that way and can't do it on their own. ) so... now they love to be held like that!!! so- the point is that if you do a lot of hands on care with your bunnies they will snuggle with you. that has been my experience.
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My first house bun loved to be cuddled until puberty hit! But she would climb all over me whilst i was watching tv..even sleep next to me on the sofa..or land in my bed to sniff my face.

Our second house bunny loved to be cuddled by my daughter who was 20 at the time. But not by me.

Oscar doesbt like to be cuddled..he is like a puppy and very affectionate..if you sit on the floor a lot or slouched up against a bean bag..you will get way more cuddles than if you sit in an armchair!

Our latest addition from the rescue is very scared but we have discovered that because the shelter gave her cuddles..she enjoys it..and being kissed on her head..even holds her head up to be kissed.
She likes to cuddle up to your face and also to sleep on your lap.

No not all bunnies are cuddly like that but then no pet is..but they are lovers of warm soft things..and that means us too!
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Depends on their personality.. when I had my bunny he wasn't really "cuddly" but he would sit on my lap and let me pet him sometimes and be quite happy to do so.. other bunnies I've heard of are cuddle bugs and like to be close
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I have several bunnies and i would say 80% of them love to be petted and loved on. We do have the occasional one who just doesnt seem interested however.
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