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Bunnies and Kitties

Hi, I have a quick question. I'm considering buying a rabbit for the first time. I live in an apartment that doesn't allow cats or dogs, and I'm quite lonely without a furbaby to love I will be moving in with my boyfriend next year, and he has two laid-back but inquisitive kitties. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best breed of rabbit that would be easily adjustable to the kitty scene when it comes time for me to move in with him, or if this is a bad idea and I should just not get a rabbit at all. Thanks!
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well i suppose every situation is different when it comes to rabbits and cats... bunnies and kittens...

but i can tell you that i have a big black 4 year old cat who is pretty laid back in temperment and he absolutely LOVES my 2 female bunnies. and they adore him right back. he does favor my older rabbit though, and they play tag and chase and sit together at night and stare out the glass doors in my apartment. my younger rabbit is still a little shy of him, she is only 6 months old, but will still run up to him and sniff noses with him and do her cute little bunny antics for him, such as jumping up high and clicking her heels together or doing a series of little happy hops for him around the living room.

all in all, i'd recommend it. i don't know if he would act differently with male rabbits? i don't know if it would matter since they are different species.

as for what type of rabbits i have, i'm not quite sure of their exact name... but they are shorthaired, short-eared dwarf rabbits. one is gray and white and one is dark brown. sorry i can't tell you their exact breed but i'm sure a lot of bunnies will get along with cats, so long as your cat is willing to be friends. if you get baby bunnies, just watch carefully when they are interacting at first. if your cats are willing, i don't think you will have any problems. but that has just been my experience, and someone else may feel differetly. but i say go for it. bunnies are incredible little friends and family members!
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I don't know if there is a better bunny breed that does best with cats but my advice would be..... whatever bunny you choose, when it comes to playtime with the cats, monitor them very closely.

I once had a lop ear bunny who got hurt during what I thought was innocent play with my dad's cat. The cat ended up accidentally scratching my bunnies ear. The scratch became infected, turned to gangrene, and had to be amputated. So I had a one ear lop ear bunny... and a nice vet bill.

Now I have 5 cats and 2 bunnies.... whenever it is playtime, I watch my cats like a hawk.

~ Debrya

~ Debrya
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yes definately keep a close eye on them! especially if your rabbit is older by the time you introduce him/her to the cats. i would suggest intorducing them early on - so that way you won't be throwing your rabbit into a situation with two completly strange adult animals. also- the younger your rabbit is the more she will be likely to accept the situation. i'm not sure how an adult rabbit will react to adult cats? mine were really young when i introduced them.
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baby bunnies, dark brown

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