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Bunnies and Litter-boxes Questions...

Ok, so we have a younger dwarf bunny, she is around 6 months. She is let out every day and stays in her cage for the rest of it. We have a corner litter box for her to "go" in, but she sometimes pees in other places that she shouldn't. She goes mostly in the litterbox. The thing is we want to set up a rabbit pen where she could have free run of a controlled area for most of the day, we just don't want her peeing on the carpet. poo isn't a big mess, but peeing is. Why does she sort of be choosy, peeing in some places other than just her litter box, where she pees mostly? Could it be because she isn't spayed yet? She will be the 14th of August.

See, we want the cage to be "headquarter" where she "goes", eats, sleeps, and drinks. We don't want her peeing outside of the cage. She has only done it once being let out. What do you guys think we should do?

PS. The bunny is a female Dutch Dwarf Rabbit named Peanut. we are 90% sure she is a female.

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Being spayed is going to help. They don't just know where to go you have to train them. Some are very easy to train and others are not.

You can start with this link, it's very useful:
FAQ: Litter Training

If you have any questions do not hesitate. Keep us updated and post pictures
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Yup yup - get her spayed first and then see where things stand. I have seen some shelter bunnies going from completly ignoring the litterbox before they were spayed to never having an accident afterwards. Chances are, getting her spayed is really going to help things along.

After that, see how she is in her cage but maybe go ahead and set up the other area for her. The key for me to get Zeus to use his litter box was to let him pick where he wanted it. See where she preferes to go to the bathroom and move the litter box to that area.

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Just be patient- It took me 2 1/2 years to litter box train Smudge!

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Ophelia would pee outside her box all the time up until the day I took her to get spayed. It was amazing. I picked her up and she used her litter box to pee without fail ever since. I would have never believed this was possible unless I saw it for myself.
Oliver and Penelope were more consistent using their litter boxes but have been wonderful since they were fixed.
Don't worry she is still a baby.
Oh and be sure to put her hay in the litter box. It's gross but it works.

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She was for a while there using the litter box all the time to pee, and would only have poo accidents. Now, she has the pee accidents. We did put the litter box in the corner she likes to use most. Being that she does pee in her favorite places, not just in random spots, I would think she is marking her territory kind of thing and after being spayed I hope it will cease. Even if she does have some accidents outside the cage, bunny pee isn't too hard to get out of the carpet, and we have an extra litter box that is larger and wouldn't fit in her cage that we can use when she chooses a spot outside the cage.

I'll tell my brother(it's his bunny) to put hay in the litter box tonight.
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