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Unhappy Bunnies not getting along any more

Hey, I'm new here... I might have posted a few times in the past, but not much...

I have two rabbits, Oliver (1 yr. old) and Junior (4 mos. old). Oliver is Junior's father, long story, huge accident, but anyway, Oliver was neutered about 5 months ago, before Junior was born. Last Saturday, we got a new temporary bunny, an unspayed female, to live in our house for a few weeks while her owner is away. Since Junior was at that time an unneutered male, this made him a bit edgy (being in the same room as her, but different cages of course), and started a small dispute between Oliver and Junior, but they were still fine with each other, and pretty much normal (they LOVE each other and hate to be apart). Well, Wednesday was Junior's appointment to be fixed, so he went in for that. Wednesday night he came home and the vet's instructions were to keep him separate from Oliver for a few days, so we put him in anohter cage (but a very small cage, since it was just for a few days and he's such a small rabbit). Needless to say, he HATED the cage, but he would especially get mad about it when he could see Oliver (their cages were next to each other, but Oliver would go in and out of sight because of his little house inside the cage). Oliver was also stressed because Junior wasn't there (like I said, they hate being apart) and wasn't eating much. Well, after a day of being apart, yesterday we put them together in a playpen thing so they could see each other. At first they were fine, but then Oliver started chasing and terrorizing Junior, which is VERY odd, because Junior is normally the dominant one. So we separated them again. Today we tried again, because we were getting very concerned that Oliver was eating so little and that Junior was so stressed in his new cage. To our surprise, they were fine! A little chasing, but not much at all. So after about half an hour of being in the playpen, we put them back in their normal cage. We watched for a while and they seemed perfectly fine and happy together, grooming each other and sleeping together. So we left the room. A few hours later we came back, and there had apparently been a huge chase or fight or something, because food and litter was everywhere and they were on complete opposite sides of the cage, avoiding each other. So I took Junior out and brought him upstairs on his leash to sit with me for a while, then set up the playpen so that he can run around a little bit. He's in there right now, and seems to be a little annoyed, but a lot less stressed than in the little cage. So my question is, how do I get them to like each other again? I never really had to do much of an introduction the first time, as Junior was a baby and they got along fine right from the start. So I have NO idea how to go about re-introducing them. Anyone have any tips/suggestions/etc? Thanks in advance.

(Sorry it's such a loooooong post)
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hi! I'm assuming they are two males right? Two males will often fight...even father and son....the 4 month old is hitting his teenage years where he gets his hormones....most common age for an older male and a young male to start fighting. The neuter could simply be a coincidence.
www.rabbit.org have great info. for re-introducing rabbits but you have slim chances of them getting along again...sorry just telling the facts.

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