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Bunny Agression - HELP!

Hey guys,
Lola has been very aggresive lately. Since I am allergic to her she has had to be moved the the garage until we finish building her new outside home, which I think she will love. She has bit everyone but me, and I am beggining to think she will bit me too. She has never acted like this. At first I dismissed it as a bad day, bad two days, but now it is just terrbile! I can hardly refill her waterbottle or put feed in her bowl without her growling at me?! Anybody have any ideas? Could a couple days in the garage turn a nice.. yet slightly snobby bunny into a such a savage? I am really gettin sad, because if this continues its bye bye lola, I can't have a bunny that bits people for no reason. Now if they were rough with here ect. it'd be fine, cuz it would be self diffence but I don't know what is up with here!! PLEASE HELP!!

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How old is she? Has she ever been bred? Has she been spayed? Has the amount of time being spent with her decreased?
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Ditto to what Bex asked you. It might be that she needs to be spayed.
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We had a doe, who between the ages of 3 months and six months was nothing but vicious. She's a sweetheart now. She grew out of the stage, (it probably helped that she's a breeding doe), and we never spent any less time with her because of her viciousness.
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No, shes not spayed yet, but the amount of attention hasn't changed. BUT she has been refined to a smaller area, could that be why? We just started to build her new cage. *sniff* its got to be outdoors, but no worry, she'll be in whenever I even suspect rain, or too cold/hot weather.
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Other than her not being spayed I would have to say maybe moving her outdoors has a hand in her aggression We recently have been experiencing some minor aggressive behavior with Honey, which started a few days after Mr.Lilly was put down So I know it is because of him being gone, and we are just hoping that she will come around, as she was spayed while we were on vacation and is still cage with Egypt. Egypt, Honey and Mr.Lilly were all caged together, I just think Honey is behaving like this because they were brought home together and were together for the 4 months we had them until he had to be put down.
I'm sorry for treading on your thread, I was just trying to explain why we think honey is being aggressive, and maybe yours is not like the change either, although not being spayed could be a big part of it as well.
Best of wishes
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