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What are the differences between a showable and non-showable breed?
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Showable breeds and varieties are ones that have been approved by ARBA (well, they are showable at ARBA santioned shows -- at some shows, there are no limits as to what you can show). I believe there are 50 some odd breeds (give or take a few) that are recognized by ARBA (mini rex were accepted in 1988, I think), and then each has a Standard that the rabbits have to measure up to. How well they meet the standard on their own, and compared to the other rabbits determines how they place at a show. Right now, there are only a few (less than 15) recognized varieties of Mini Rex. They are working on adding more, but they all have to be approved before they can be added to the standard .

In this way, there is sort of a more organized way to ensure that the animals that are the products of various breedings are actually an improvement. Granted, it really only works for those breeders who have the funds/live close enough to attend ARBA santioned shows.

I know that there are other breeds of rabbits out there that aren't currently accepted by ARBA, the velveteen lop (english lop x mini rex) being one of the ones that's close to being accepted, and there are LOTS of cross breeds as well, and since they haven't got three generations of "purity" of an accepted or recognized breed, they can't really clean up a show.
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There are 45 breeds of rabbits recognized in the ARBA and a few in the process of being recognized. Each breed has a certain number of varieties (colours) that it can be shown in. Some only can be shown in one, others can be shown in over 20. It all depends on the breed standard. Some breeds are distinct because of their colour pattern, so there would never be another colour showable in that breed. For example, Californians are distinct in their white body with black ears, feet, legs, nose, and tail. The standard is written around that colour, and it won't change. The only possible addition would be maybe to allow the colour points (ears, feet, etc.) to be blue-grey, chocolate-brown, or lilac (a light grey) as well as black. In breeds where there is no specific colour attributed to the breed, any colour can become showable if it goes through the process of getting accepted.

Mini rex are showable in black, blue, broken (any colour with white spots, also includes tricolour which is like calico), castor, chinchilla, chocolate, himalayan (black and blue point himalayan are shown together), lilac, lynx, opal, red, seal, tortoise, and white. Otter, blue eyed white, sable, and sable point are all currently being worked on for acceptance.
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Stephanie, I love your bunnies! Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at your story.
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well I'm late to this thread but those pics are beautiful Steph!!!! Poor rusty!!!
Molly gives the same evil eye that sonora does!!

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