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Bunny Help in General

Well, as it is obvious, I'm sort of new to this board. Well, wouldn't you know just shortly after joining I have found myself within a pet crisis. Lucky time for it, though, since I would value help from any and all of you. Now, on with the situation...

Last night my mother and I were outside talking around eleven PM. Suddenly and without warning, a very small fluffy and fat black rabbit ran up to my feet. I --not really thinking-- picked him up. He was TOTALLY calm besides the shaking from being outside without his owners. Yes, that's right. I have many reasons to believe that this is a PET bunny. Which is weird. I live in the middle of town. We took him into the house --without really thinking-- after my cat tried to have a snack on him outside. So, he spent the night in my room and I used an old guinea pig bottle for his water...he DRANK from it without hesitation. Poor guy was thirsty as heck. He sits on my lap and sleeps. Yes, there is no doubt that this is a pet. Finding his owners will be the hard part. I actually went door to door today looking. No luck. I'm proud of him, though. I set up a pet carrier with bedding in it for him to sleep and that's the only place that he goes potty. Brilliant!

What I need to know is...

What do I feed him? Can a rabbit roam free in my room for the time being if he's got water hanging off the wall and no cats around? (I've also unplugged lamps and such) Any ideas as to how to find his owners? Anything else I need to know about rabbit care?

Please help.
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Aww poor thing. You sound like you're taking great care of him .

As far as feeding-
Since most rabbits, guineas, etc, like hay, [I'm assuming you don't already have a rabbit], you can actually feed him grass, giving him an option of the drier things and newer green fresh stuff. Also, at rite-aids, grocery stores, etc., they sale bags of pellets. They're about $5.00. I see you're in MI also, and when Sunny has ran out of food, I have picked up a bag from there a couple times. I have to admit, they are a bit fattening, they're straight pellets without anything else, but they do the job. [It's Hartz brand, so it shouldn't be so bad. But I'm more comfortable going to my local pet store].

If your door the room you plan on keeping him is securely shut, and you're positive NO cats can get it, I'm sure it's fine. Just be preparred for some droppings and some strong pneumonia smells
I hope all goes well with him!!

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Awww, its great your rescued him!
Yes, he can run around your room, as long as its bunny-proofed... My bun has free range of my room.
As for feeding- Unlimited grass hay (no alfalfa), 1/8-1/4 of Timothy based pellets per 5lbs of rabbit, and 1/2-1 cup of veggies per 5lbs of rabbit. Romain Lettuce and Parsley are good to give him, because they are pretty well tollerated and probably wont upset his tummy. A small chunk of carrot is good too. And I buy Oxbow pellets for my rabbit.
You can put up posters in the street, at shelters, and at vets offices. Also, call the local shelters to let them know you found a rabbit, incase anyone calls them looking for one. Good luck!
Oh, and you should probably bring him to a rabbit-savvy vet for a checkup and to check for a microchip. Most vets will do this for free.

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You're in town, but rabbits are really commonly "set free" whenever people get tired of them. We get 1-2 calls a week from people who have domestic rabbits loose in their yards.

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You can also try posting on Craigslist...but in any adv I'd leave out the description and let the callers ID him.

I've never heard of anybody finding pet rabbits but I found a very tame baby cockatiel once!
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Out here in Arizona rescues actually have to make and post signs everywhere they can trying to discourage release of house rabbits.

"When you let your rabbit loose, shes not free,
*insert house rabbit picture here*

Its true rabbits are common out here but a house rabbit could never live.
The heat would kill or the wolfs and coyotes will.

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Thank you all for the marvelous help. My friend, too, informed me that some people drop off or release their rabbits outside. I find this to be rather disturbing. My father told me to put the rabbit outside, again, but I refused. This bunny is not afraid of my kitten, Piper, so I don't even want to think about what could happen to this pet if he were outdoors. This is obviously and doubtlessly a pet rabbit.

I put up signs with my phone number on it declaring 'Rabbit Found' around town. I even went door to door asking around my neighborhood. No luck. I'm starting to think that his release was intentional. In such case, I would keep him with me. I call him Jeffery now. I purchased a really cool rabbit food mixed with Timothy Hay from Wal-Mart that he liked a lot. He's so sweet. Sits on my lap. Hops around, but comes to me when I make kissy noises and snap my fingers. Very tame. He's perfection. I can't see why someone wouldn't adore this pet. I really want to keep him, but if some little girl comes asking for him I'll gladly hand him over...to a loving home, of course.
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