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bunny housing new model!

ok but i dont have £360.00 to spend but it would look good in the lounge compared to a huuuuge rottweiler dog crate!!

but then bif and oscar wouldnt have sooo much comfort either!!

still you gotta see this..watch for mini movies!

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I am happy to see that someone is finally coming out with new products for the outdoor rabbits. The problem in the U.S. is that the HRS has partnered with the Humane Society and the A.S.P.C.A. and put out a lot of propaganda that makes people who keep rabbits outside look like abusers. Keeping rabbits in the house is a great idea that doesn't work for everyone and it is great to have choices.
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My buns are inside and have their own room. The most they ever go outside is a car ride to the vet to get their claws clipped - that's only twice a year. It seems to me that the bigger issue with rabbits being outside is this: being outside itself isn't the abuse, the lack of attention that can happen is what I would see as abuse. I've known many rabbit breeders who adore their rabbits. But I knew a lot of kids growing up who had a rabbit for 4-H or something, and these lone rabbits were very neglected and I knew of a few who broke out of their cages. As long as the bunnies are happy and safe, I think it's fine for them to be outside. I would just hope that they have at least one bunny friend with them to keep them company throughout the day.
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The Humane Society in our area euthanizes all cats that come in that have poor litter box habits because they are "unadoptable." What happens when people get rabbits that don't have good litter box habits? Outdoor pets that are neglected are often reported by neighbors. Who reports neglected house pets? Are destructive pets at higher risk of being abused? If rabbits don't live up to someone's expectations as good house pets, do they release them to become feral? Do feral rabbits hurt our native habitat?

I don't know the answers to these questions, and I have never seen a study done on rabbit behavior that wasn't bias. What I see doesn't bother me half as much as what I don't see. When I think about the problems of child abuse in this country, I wonder if turning rabbits into house pets is giving some rabbits a better life and making life pure h*** for others. All rabbits kept as house pets have a wonderful life? I wish it could be that simple.

For those of us that are not able to keep our rabbits as house pets, seeing new products on the market that can make the lives of our outdoor rabbits safer and happier is welcome news! It is about time we get help with making the lives of our outdoor rabbits better, instead of being condemned for not keeping our rabbits inside of our homes.
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humane society, litter box

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