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bunny love-can't seem to get any

I recently rescued an English Angora that the previous 2 owners attempted to 'set free'. I got her when I found my neighbor's 4 year old daughter trying to get the rabbit to 'play' at the playground by pushing her down the slide, dropping her from the monkey bars, and kicking the rabbit in the butt to get her to jump. That was 3 months ago. Since then she (Nova) has been given real rabbit food (previously fed only carrots by previous owner), recieved a hygiene cut to prevent flystrike (she matted soooo bad), and is groomed almost daily. I assume she used to be in a cage prior to her previous owners because she spends most of her time behind the couches these days. She has free roam of the house on the first floor and only ventures upstairs if deathly bored. She tried to take over my bedroom as a second cage. She's pretty good with the cat but he's getting to old to chase her and doesn't want to scratch her. She's good with the dog but still not sure. Both the cat and the dog have had to deal with some alarmingly hard head butts from Nova and might find her still intimidating. She follows me around in the morning to be fed and watches me clean her litter and food area everyday. Grooming has become bearable for the both of us now that she sits somewhat still for it but still digs and nips (angora hair...WOW). I just can't seem to get her to let me pet her or play with her...I'm too scared to chase her myself but provide her with toys. What can I do to help her open up some more? She does have a lot of personality but just hasn't been able to make it show.
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I haven't had my bun for very long and he's still really young, so you can take this worth a hill of beans (or pellets, har har). But I pretty much left my bun alone until he came to me. I offered him his favorite food thus far (pet grass) and just let him go in and out of his cage as he pleased when I was home. I basically just sat on the floor quietly and read while he walked around. I think it can be beneficial for a bun to have a 'home'. I don't use Nugget's cage as punishment and I never reach in to pull him out or force him by hand to go in. Maybe your bun would like a place to call her own, even a little house if not a cage. I have seen a lot of people say that some buns are just 'aloof' and don't like to interact with their people very much. The neatest thing I've read so far is that the biggest compliment a bun can give you is just to be a regular old bunny around you. Eating, grooming, sleeping, staring at you. I think if she's comfortable enough to follow you around you have done a GREAT job of making her feel at home. It was wonderful of you to rescue her.
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Leave her alone and let her come to you. I've rescued rabbits that had been abused/neglected like that and the best thing to do is to go about your daily business and ignore the rabbit. You can offer her treats if she'll take them but don't grab her (although I understand you need to handle her for grooming). Once she's comfortable enough to take treats and sit near you, try gentle petting.

Keep in mind, however, that a lot of rabbits just aren't cuddly. You lucked out breed-wise, though, most of the angora rabbits I've handled were docile and snuggly . So she might just need time. Do you have plans to get her spayed?

One of the rabbits I rescued was TERRIFIED of people when I got her (much, much worse than your angora). I let her free-range and never picked her up (except for vet care) or anything--I would just ignore her. After a few weeks, she stopped running away immediately and I got her to take some treats. After a few weeks of treat-giving, she let me pet her and after that was a total snugglebun . She never liked being picked up (most rabbits don't) but she enjoyed being pet and also learned some tricks (and games, like rolling a ball to you, haha).

By the way, thank you for rescuing her! It sounds like she had a rough time .


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bunny love

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I'm thinking it might just take more time. I have been spending a lot of time on the floor since someone on another site suggested it. She did come out and even walked all over me. I guess I'm just impatient because she is a sweet girl...just a little more aloof I guess. Her favorite treat is bananas, so maybe I'll start suckin up to her with those (just not too much). I'll remember to be more patient. Yes, I do plan to get her spayed next month. The last thing I want is for her to get cancer. She's had it hard enough without adding health problems.

Thank you!

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