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Bunny Mites!!

Greetings All.. its been a while didnt come to this place/forum..

okay my rabbit got mites last few weeks... bring him to the vet and they give him a shot.. its reducing now as i see the small thing on the ears only very very few..

but the only problem is.. his head is like twisting to the right.. its like its heavier on the other side.. what is wrong with him? i really hope nothing bad can happen to him..
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I'm not sure given the little detail but it sounds like it could be an e.cuniculi infection... Head tilt.
^^^^^^^^ check out that link. There is no cure but with regular medication you can alleviate the symptoms. All the best.
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Go back to the vet, make sure it's a rabbit savvy vet, as soon as you can get him in.

Head tilt is most commonly caused by inner ear infections and since he also has mites I'd guess that the infection was probably caused originally by the mites. Treating for the mites is a good first step but he will require further treatment. Your vet should do a culture of the ear if possible to determine what antibiotics would best fight it off. If the culture doesn't yield any results (common for inner ear infections) you're vet will probably prescribe some broad spectrum antibiotics and possibly other meds to manage the symptoms depending on how your rabbit is doing.

It's important you start treatment as soon as possible as this will reduce the chance that the rabbit's head tilt will be perminate. After the infection is gone, if the tilt doesn't go away, know that there are many rabbits out there with perminate head tilts who lead perfectly happy lives.

Usually the injection for ear mites is ivermectin and you need to treat more than once due to the life cycle of the mites. The usual treatment is one shot once a week for usually I believe 3 weeks.

So yeah basically get him into a vet. They should check the mite situation and treat what is most likely an inner ear infection as well. The symptoms of an inner ear infection can get pretty brutal so please get him treatment as soon as possible.

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i really dont know if its a e.cuniculi ... unfortunately there are no reabbit savvy vet can be found here.. and the shots being given 3 times already for the past 6 weeks... and today was the 3rd shot being given...

so i asked the about about the condition of the heads... they said it may cause by the mites being entered to the inner part of the ear... causing the rabbit to feel heavy on one side...

they provide me with APEX EAR DROPS for the ears...its for antibiotics and insecticidal .. is it safe for the rabbits? they said to give 10 drops per day.. but im not sure which part of ears should be dropped... should i drop both?
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A lot of places will say that e.cuniculi or EC causes head tilt but normally what happens according to my vet is the EC weakens the rabbits immune system and allows infection to set in. Inner ear infection is the most common cause of head tilt. It can also be caused by trauma and cancer or neurological problems, but because your rabbit had ear mites I would guess the tilt is from an infection caused by the mites.

Keep an eye on the mite situation to make sure the treatment worked. Normally I've heard of it being given once a week for 3 weeks in a row. If it wasn't given every week I would think that may give the mites the opportunity to reproduce. Ivermectin, if that's what you where treating with, only kills adult mites. It does not kill mite eggs or nymphs. That's why you need to retreat as the existing eggs and nymphs mature into adults.

Normally mites or anything else from the outside would not be able to get into the inner ear because it's blocked off by the ear drum. If the ear drum ruptures I suppose maybe mites could get deeper into the ear, but I'm not sure.

The head doesn't tilt because it's heavy on one side, it tilts because swelling inside the ear effects the rabbits balance. Kind of like how when humans get ear infections they sometimes experience nausea, dizziness, and loss of balance.

I don't know anything about the APEX ear drops put make sure if you are putting drops inside the rabbit's ears that the ear drum is intact. Putting medications or anything else into the ear if the ear drum is ruptured can cause serious issues including death. Your vet should be able to look into the rabbits ear with an otoscope and tell you if the ear drum is intact or not.

You can do some research on rabbit safe antibiodics to make sure the antibiodics in the drops are safe. Some antibiodics are not safe to use on rabbits and there are others that are safe only if injected.

If you've looked and there really are no rabbit experienced vets in your area, would you vet be willing to at least do some research or consult with a rabbit vet?

Keep an eye on the bunny. Head tilt from infection can progress and cause some nasty symptoms such as a worse head tilt, eye twitching, rolling, loss of balance...etc.

I'm not trying to scare you, and I know an ear infection or ear mites doesn't sound all that serious, but it can be. One of my rabbits has been fighting an ear infection and head tilt and I'm afraid if he doesn't start responding more to medication soon that we may loose him It's been a very stressful experience for me so far. The sooner you figure out whats going on and hopefully find a medication that works, the better the chance your rabbit will make it without any lasting effects.

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