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bunny scuffle

i have two new dwarf bunnies that i've had for almost 2 weeks. one is a dwarf lionhead and the other one is a netherlands dwarf. they have been housed together since they were both born... so nearly 2 1/2 months. in the 2 weeks that i've had them, they have displayed nothing but affection for one another. they sleep and cuddle together constantly.

however, for the first time, they had a scuffle today. i had them out in the living room and i saw them get into a little spat. they seemed to be chasing each other's tails. no blood.. and nothing seemed too serious.. but there were some tufts of hair on the floor. i split them up and had them calm down and then put them in their cage. they had another spat that lasted a few seconds and are now sleeping together in their house.

i also notice that yesterday, for the first time, the smaller netherlands dwarf was mounting the lionhead. i thought (and still think) that the netherlands is a girl and the lionhead a boy. they have a vet appointment next week and we'll know for sure. it seems that the lionhead was being more agressive today, though.

should i be concerned? is this normal behavior? i know my cats and hammies have little spats now and then but are, for the most part, very loyal companions.

any advice?

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Hmmm.... I guess I would just keep an extra eye on them for the next couple of days. It's probably nothing. Just a little spat, like you said. Good luck!!!
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My lady bunny sometimes mounts her male friend!!! So that can be normal
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mounting isn't always a sexual thing for rabbits - they use it to display dominance.

They could just be getting at an age where they need to work out who's dominate. That could explain the fighting, and the mounting.

Getting them fixed would help calm them down, make them less aggressive towards each other in the future, and of course prevent you from having loooots of little bunnies.

Good luck

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Just be careful because bunnies can have babies at a remarkably young age.
It maybe their hormones kicking in causing the behavior. I am sure once they are both fixed things will be just fine.

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