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What do bunnys like to play with?? From some of the reading I have done, I have seen things like a childs hard plastic key set type of toy. I have read about wooden things, are these safe? I can tell that they like " hide-away" places toy. Do they like balls and toys maybe with bells in them ( cat toy) Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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Well Zeus, no matter how many toys of his own that I buy him - his favorite things to play with are empty water bottles, empty cardboard boxes, and an old pair of fuzzy dice!

I think what kind of toys they like depend on the bunny. Some love balls and stuff they can throw around - some have no interest at all in that kind of stuff.

Wooded toys are safe and are good for the buns teeth for them to chew on.

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Depends on the bunny .

For a rabbit that likes to throw and shake things baby keys and rattles are good. So are cardboard tubes, bunny toss toys, and wooden spoons.

If the rabbit likes to dig or shred then old phone books, newspaper, and straw mats are good. You can even make a digging box full of hay and shredded paper with some hidden treats.

For a bunny who likes to chew wooden toys are good but I've found they aren't the most popular. Instead try willow toys and baskets. Cholla chews, apple branches, cardboard, and balsa wood toys are also favorites.

Rabbits that like to climb, explore, and hide love boxes and cardboard bunny mansions.

Some rabbits love puzzle-type toys like Nut Knot Nibblers, Wacky Wabbit wooden alfalfa cups, plush treat holders, kongs, and treat balls. Those are good since they keep rabbits busy.

Almost all rabbits love toilet paper rolls...fill one with hay and a treat and then bend over the ends. Keeps them entertained for a while . You can also take a brown paper bag and fill it with hay and treats. Then twist it closed...rabbits go nuts destroying them to get the hay and food .

Oh, and some bunnies like to roll or nudge toys. So balls with bells inside are good. There are a lot of good plastic cat toys that roll.

Edit: I forgot...some rabbits even play tug-o-war . Small rope dog toys are good for that. Some bunnies like stuffed animals, too.


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My rabbit doesnt play with toys too much, mostly he likes destroying things.. he like cardboard boxes he can tare apart, or dig holes in the bottem of.. he likes hay inside a small paper bag he can rip open, or a large paper bag with hay in it laying over on its side so he can crawl in for a nibble.. for wood chews, we found some wooden clothes pins (the kind without spring) at a dollar store that we stick on the bars of his cage once in awhile.

the most important thing about anything you give them is to make sure there not getting off pieces of plastic or eating too much paper and such.

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Bertie likes strands of hemp strings that he can toss around and chew, also loo rolls filled with hay and herbs. Cardboard boxes made into a tunnel are great, and are good for chewing on. He has a couple of knitted easter bunnies that he puts in his mouth and runs around with...it's really sweet!

I bought him a couple of shop toys but he's not at all interested in them! He likes willow branches to toss around and chew on as well.
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cardboard box, cardboard boxes, stuffed animal, stuffed animals

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