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i was watching E this evening and caught the end with the first ever bunny wedding in wookey hole here in the uk...

has anyone else heard about this?

poor little guys...
i know i cant talk..my bunny wears shades and our cat used to love wearing babies t shirts..he felt warm in them...but i mean..how scared would these guys have been!!

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I don't think it was too bad, she had the veil on and he had the hat on, now if they put full costumes on then that is cruel. But I can see there point too, people will see this and dress their rabbits up in costumes and could possibly hurt them.

Before my black kitten Gwen died (she was hit by a car), I use to put dresses on her and pj's, she would just purr and fall asleep in the pj's. My other cats did not like being dressed up though, I think Gwen was just layed back and mellow and she didn't mind much.
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If it is cruel or not, depends on the animals. Here in the U.S., it is becoming popular dress up little dogs. When a dog goes out in public in clothes, they get a lot of attention, which they truly love. If these rabbits are used to a lot of attention, I don't see anything wrong with it. If they are shy and don't like the attention, then it is kind of cruel.
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I know our cat loved it...and oscar thinks its funny in his bunny twitches to wear shades..

it turns out these 2 buns are actually used to the press..theyre new giant version of giant breeds featured on yahoo news recently and the papers etc here in uk. So i guess theyll be used to a lot. Just as well with the way stress manifests itslef in bunnies.

I know doggies get dressed up and even married..but doggies is doggies and bunnies is not...and just cos folk do it dont make it right.
I mean would you..no you wouldnt put your furbabies through that..
I guess at least these 2 are already celebs and used to the press!
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I don't think it's cruely. the bunnies weren't harmed and they weren't made to do things bunnies don't do. They laid there. It's not like they understand what was going on and probably liked the petting and attention. I know my bunny loves ANYTHING touching his head! If something is touching his head, he thinks he's being groomed.
Maybe if people were trying to walk them down an isle or moving their lips to speak for them, or trying to force them to dance like people do or something, then I could consider it harrassment, but to sit there for some photos and the bunnies weren't trying to get away...no, I don't consider that cruelty
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