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Salamander Burgermuffin
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Do you think rabbits do ok without a/c? i assume not everyone with a rabbit has ac right? i might be moving up north soon and staying with my mom awhile, she doesnt have ac. its not as hot there as it is here, but still it gets pretty bad, and humid too. you think a rabbit can be ok without ac? happy, healthy?
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my rabbits are indoors and i have central heat and air - they stay comfy

as long as you can keep the air stirring when it gets hot with a fan or window air conditioner he should be fine, just make sure he has plenty of cool water

right now i have my two new buns upstairs in a different room (Mr. Creepy just got fixed Monday and Rocko isn't fixed yet, so i haven't introduced them to my other pair) and it gets a little bit warmer up there than it does downstairs. i've got an upright fan than blows back and forth in there with them. keeping it on the lowest setting is usually good enough and plus i'll keep the ceiling fan going as well on especially hot days

with a gentle breeze and extra cool water on those hot days and he'll be very happy and healthy

i believe it probably gets warmer down here than up there, right?
in the heat of summer the dew point (what it actually feels like) can reach 105 degrees F, plus it gets very muggy and humid - it's about 90 degrees outside right now (4:00pm) and it's going to rain later so it's very muggy... this is my hair going up into a ponytail bun
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i completely agree with jewels! i think as long as you give your bun a fan or a breeze with plenty of fresh cool water he/she will be just fine! perfectly happy and healthy without AC. i only have AC for my bunnies right now cause i live in an apt- but i wouldn't be worried for my two rabbits if i did not have it. And it can get pretty hot and humid here in Connecticut in the summer
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Also add ice to the water every now and then...!! OH...you guys should try living in phoenix, arizona....."the valley of the sun". today or yesterday was 112!! ohhhhhh yea. and our house unfortunately has a swamp cooler. so it feels icky. Bunni likes to lie down on the tiled floor, it's the coolest place, in the closet.....ha ha.
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Don't feel bad. There are plenty of people that don't have a/c. Just keep a fan blowing and a window open.
We do have central air but for a couple of the warmer days a few weeks ago there was no vent in Tabby's room. We put down a laminate floor in the room and still had to cut the vent hole out. I just placed a fan in the doorway making sure it didn't blow directly on her. The last thing that poor little girl needs is to get a chill!

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My rabbits were outdoors, and I live in florida so..weeeell, they DID have their holes to retreat into when it got too hot..
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I think buns should be okay without A/C...they live in the wild just fine, however I would also recommend keeping the air circulating and maybe provide a frozen bottle of water wrapped in a towel or peices of marble tile for them to snuggle up to or sit on when it really gets toasty. Addicg ice to the water bottles to help keep their water cold would also be a nice touch.
My bun is indoors and we have central heat and air, so he's usually pretty comfortable.
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