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Cage recommendations?

I'm hoping to adopt a bunny in the next few months and am still in the process of researching/preparing for my new baby. I was just wondering what kinds of cages everyone has for their bunnies. Any pics, links, etc would be much appreciated!
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I think the best cages for bunnies are C&C (creative cubes & coroplast) cages. They are incredibly spacious, affordable, and you can customize them to fit your needs. Much better than any bunny cage you can get at a pet store and cheaper!
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It depends on how long the rabbit will be caged for. The longer the time in the cage, the bigger it should be.


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My 4 bunnies live outside in a shed, which contains 2 hutches. The
top hutch is where Amber, Jazzy and Billy sleep, and the bottom
one is where Harvey sleeps. The reason they are separate is
because Harvey is still too small to be out with them all the time..
He comes out to play in the garden with them and then we lock him up in his own hutch.. The shed also has a run attached which has a door connecting it to the shed, we open this up in the daytime so they can go out. At night it is locked up for security.

The 1st and 2nd pics are of the hutches inside, the 3rd pic is of the run etc..(sorry the first 2 pics are blurry)
Hope these help?

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Sasami mentioned a good point.

I know of people who use the cage only to put their rabbit some place safe when they're not home, or at night when everyone's gone to bed. Thus, the cage doesn't need to be very big, just big enough to stretch out in, and still have room for food and water.

Sometimes, though, people don't get to spend a whole lot of time with their bunnies, so it's better for the cage to be a lot larger, with room for toys and such.

It's estimated that for each pound your rabbit weighs (or 1/2 kg), you should have at least 1 square foot of cage space, as a BARE MINIMUM. For instance, Mini Rex grow to be about 4 lbs, thus, the minimum cage should have 4 square feet.

There are many different cage types, some that have wire floors with pull out trays underneath to catch droppings, some with solid floors, some with room for litter boxes, some with a combination of each. If you decide to go with wire floors, you will want to make sure that your rabbit has a place to rest his/her feet so that she's not always sitting on the wire. If you decide to go with solid floors, by having either a piece of wood or drywall in the cage, this will also help prevent sore hocks.

There are lots of rabbits than can live outside year round (provided that they are protected from the elements), and all rabbits can live inside, if you've got the room.

What kind of rabbit were you looking to get? A mixed breed or a purebred?
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litter box, litter boxes, mini rex, mixed breed, pet store

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