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Can antibiotics make a bunny lethargic?

Snow had to have a fractured tooth extracted and my vet put him on some meds to stop an abscess from forming. He is on Baytril and Metronidazole which he has to be on for 2 weeks, (he's already been on them for 5 days now). I also have him on Metacam but I don't think that would cause the drowsiness he's been experiencing. He's not too bad on Baytril by itself, but I think now with the added Metronidazole he's become pretty out of it sometimes. I've noticed it's the worst in the mornings. He doesn't want to eat or move much in the morning hours, and his eyes look so tired. But by noon he starts to perk up. I give him these meds twice a day, and they seem to only effect him this way at his morning dose. I was wondering if antibiotics could have this kind of effect on bunnies, and why it's so bad in the mornings.
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Yes, antibiotic intolerance can occur, but it usually mimicks the symptoms of stasis more closely rather than making them seem "sleepy".

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I'm always afraid he'll go into stasis, but he evens out at around noon and eats well and poops pretty good too for the rest of the day. I do give him a bit of Critical Care in the morning just so he can get a little more nutrition since the antibiotics are killing some of the good bacteria as well. I also give him Bene-Bac every second day. The only problem is that he's so sleepy in the mornings. I guess it could just be his time of day to sleep as well.
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