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Question can it finally be working?

from my other thread bunny bonding..more buny bonding i guess the problems im having are pretty self explanatory!
yesterday was awful..the pen made him attack her..the downstairs tiny bathroom floor didnt owrk either..she kept hiding behind the toilet fromhim!
I put them back in the pen and he went for her 4 times in a row despite being calmed down etc.
We put him in his cage for a time out and let her run free round the not been letting either of them do this since the weekend..we were trying the if you want exercise you exercise togehter technique!
She had a fantastic time out and as usual flirting with him through the bars..and he kept growling and trying to bite her..he nipped her several times on the nose but she kept going back for more.
She had 2 longish naps and in the end he fell asleep sulking!
At tea time we caught her and caged her as we had to take dinner over to my mum whos ill..and we came back and let him out for runs and cuddles etc...
Then we put them both in the pen and he started..i was just saying how id move her into my bedroom she didnt deserve this..when something amazing happened..he lay down next to her head whilst she was snoozing inher litter pan.
It escalated from this to him chinning her back..and eventually sleeping with her in his litter pan and washing her head and ears furiously for ages..oh and then whilst she was snoozing..he awoke her by humping her! (they are both fixed but shes onlybeen fixed for a few weeks)
there was a lot of hay munching..running round..a few scuffles but no biting and then they were all snuggled up..i felt guilty having to cage them at 11pm!
Is this the start..has it worked at bonding finally happening..
Today will be the test i guess..think ill do same as yesterday..let her run wild then later let him and then the pen..
the pen btw is a childs travelcot/playpen off ebay..its fantastic!

i wont be hanging up my water squirter just yet but its promising right?
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i hope your bonding is working out! lol at least your buns respond to the water bottle. mine are so wanting to kill each other that they dont care if they are being squirted in the face
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Mine didn't care about water either.
But it's great it's going so well. Good for you!
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Did i not mention oscar used to drink from the water pistol as it was squirted in his face!

seriously dont give up..try many different ways..including giving them both a hug at the same time..oscar used to pretend he was playing nice then bite her on her face!

see my previous post

also my daughters website detailing the experience..if we can give anyone else tips or hope its worth it..DONT give up!

we tried about everything you will see on the site..the vids are worth a look.

instead of building time slowly as we did in the beginning..we made them only have exercise together in the playpen/travel cot..then after a week we let each one out for a run around but to begin with only oscar felt it was a time out for being a horror..and then we let him out after a few nights so they got to take it in turn.
I even shut myself in the teeny tiny downstairs loo with them..and it still didnt stop...he was the problem..she missed her brother and loved oscar..he is a spoilt little baby and very jealous...that was what the problem was..also no real neutral ground..but we found the biggest problem was us being uptight..we pulled the travel cot into the area where we veg out and watch tv and we ignored minor scuffles only butting in on major ones and left them in it till we went to bed...
Make sure you have toys to interest them..a huge pile of hay and i mean huge..they eat and eat it and then forget heyre scrapping!

good luck!!
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and good luck with you! after there bonded we should see some pics of them grooming each other **wink wink**
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litter pan

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