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Catching Zeus!

Well Zeus is, as his name suggests, lightening fast!

He is very friendly and when he's out of his cage will come up to me for pets and even sit on my lap.

The problem is when he knows he's not just out for fun. He somehow senses when I'm going to try to cut his nails, or put him in his carrier, or anything like that that he doesn't like.

He's impossable to catch! I try to act like nothings up, offer him treats, stuff like that. But he knows! He just looks at me like "hah I'm not that stupid!" and hides under my bed. Then the only way for me to get him is if I chase after him for 20 minutes. It's so stressful, for both of us!

Last time I took him to the vet we were like 15-20 minutes late because I had to spend an hour trying to get him in his carrier!

I guess I could just reach into his cage and grap him - but he's really teratorial of his cage and will growl/scratch if you reach your hand in while he's in there. Plus he's fast, so if he makes it out the door before I can get him then the chase is on.

I dunno - I think I'm going to try letting him out like an hour or two before I need to get him in his carrier. That way maybe he won't be as saspious.

Anyone else's bunny do anything like this?

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haha my iguana does!! (i was 15 mins late for mine too!!)

i would train him to like the carrier... have it out in your room all the time when he goes and plays and when he gets in give him treats.. put him in it give him a treat and take him out... every day.


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My cockers would hide under the bed at bath time. I soon realized that they went under the bed the first time I thought the word bath. If I didn't think about it and just went about getting prepared they wouldn't hide. But I swear if I thought "I am going to give them a bath" that was all it took. They were under the bed. I never liked to drag them out because Brandy would get nippy.
So try grabbing him but don't let yourself think about what is going to happen next. It sounds silly but I swear it worked with them.

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The best way would be to slowly introduce him to the carrier and make it a positive thing. But I know I myself am impatient and will just scruff my buns if i really need to get her out. My buns isn't that bad and I'll let her hop out of her cage then grab her around her body.
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