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What did you get your bunny for Christmas?

I got Ruby a few toys, and I made her a bunny cake. I should say I am GOING to make her a bunny cake. I'm looking for good present ideas for her birthday which is coming up in February. I can't find any good toys at the pet store and I don't want her to get sick from eating plastic off of baby toys. Are baby toys safe for rabbits? The hard plastic I mean. Obviously not the teething toys :]

Miss Ruby Alice -- Mini-lop Rabbit (2.5 years old)

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Buddy -- Toy Poodle (9 years old)

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is a little "special"
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I made Smudge some home made treats! He LOVES them! ^^
... But I mostly made them cuz I couldnt find anything at the pet store he didnt already have.

Smudge has one of my old baby toys. If its for babys it obviously has to be non-toxic.

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I don't usually give pets special toys on certain days like holidays or birthdays. They don't understand that the day is special, anyway. And in Flash's case in particular, I have no idea when his birthday is. I just give them treats and toys whenever they seem to want them instead.

For instance, Linens and Things went out of business, so I bought Flash some willow baskets a few weeks ago just because they were cheap. But he's been pre-occupied with other toys lately, so I haven't given him the baskets yet. I'll probably give them to him soon, though, when he gets bored with the other stuff and is looking for something new to play with.

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My bunnies received a visit from Santa Paws. In their stockingss they found some new balls, pinecones, sticks (the store bought kind not the really good wild ones), other wooden toys to chew on. But I made them their present from their daddy and me. I bought botanical hay (which they never get), dried bananas, freeze dried pineapple, raisins, I made my own dried cranberries and dried carrots and used some store bought craisins. I had a roll of brown paper wrapping and some twine. I made rolls and tied off the ends with the twine.
Sadly, none of my buns have figured it out yet. Tomorrow I will show them that there are treats inside. I also made some for the Rabbit Habit bunnies - a local rabbit rescue. The woman that runs it told me that some of the bunnies knew right away what to do and ripped into them and some swore it was a new and dangerous weapon and proceeded to the back of their cages and thumped. I guess I should be glad that my buns knew better than to think their momma would give them a party popper.

Flash is a very spoiled bunny. Good thing for him he saw you coming home with groceries that night. I bet he smelled the carrots in your bags and thought "I like this guy".

Oh and buns can have the hard plastic baby toys - not the water filled kind or anything soft. I have a toy that is like baby keys for Teddy. As always watch that your bunny has not figured out a way to chew it apart.

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I just got my new bunny for my birthday (april 3rd) although I got him 2 weeks before my birthday, ANYwho, I didnt have him for Christmas so I couldnt give him anything
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