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Clippiing bunny's nails?

I've had Hagrid for a couple months now and I've never clipped his nails. I know it's supposed to be done, but I don't even know where to start. I have a couple different types of nail clippers (one I bought and one the shelter gave me). One of the things that worries me is that he has black nails and I'm afraid to hurt him since I can't see inside the nail.

I was going to call the vet when they open in an hour to see if they will do it for me the first time and show me how, but I was wondering if anyone on here had any advice as well. Like how often, ect?
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I check my rabbits nails every month, and clip as needed when they appear to be getting long. I originally bought nail clippers for my rabbits, like the kind they sell for dogs only smaller. But now I just use human nail clippers to cut them, for some reason that's been easier for me. But my bunnies are really small, so other people might need something bigger.

Barnaby has mostly black nails too. I've been lucky in that I've never cut either of my bunnies nails too short and made them bleed. If the nails are dark, I just cut a little bit off at a time. And I tend to leave them a little longer than I would a clear nail just to be safe. It doesn't seem to be a problem as long as you keep them maintained they don't grow too long, even if each time your just clipping a little off.

It might be helpful taking him into the vet the first time, they can show you where to cut and maybe then you'll be more confident about doing it yourself next time.

If you do accidently cut the quick, have some septic powder (they sell it for dogs in most pet stores) on hand to stop the bleeding.

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I also use human nail clippers on my buns. I think they are easier to use. Although Teddy's back nails are so thick I have to use big ones for them. I also use human nail clippers on the cats - I always have.
My buns nails are clear but the dogs are dark and they are hard to cut. I have quicked the dogs and the bunnies before. If you don't have septic powder you can also try flour to stop the bleeding.
Dragonrain is right - if you do a little at a time it should be fine. I get greedy sometimes or the dogs move and that is how I cut too short. If that happens try not to feel too badly - I know I feel awful for them after that - they have always told me that with enough treats they hardly feel the quicked nail at all!

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I usually put my bunnies on their back and use a flashlight, you can easily see where to cut when you look at the nail with light through them.
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But be careful if you try that, because although some bunnies can be 'tranced' and will stay calmly on their backs, others will struggle and can hurt themselves if your not careful.

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