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A couple of questions

I have a couple of questions about my Mr. BunBun. First is i thought the right way to hold a rabbit was by the bum and the stomach, apparently when we went to pick him up when i was getting his kennel out to put him in my fiancee was watching how the breeder was taking him out and that was by the scruff of the neck. Is that acceptable? Since he has some bit's of hair missing on the back of his neck. The second question i have is how can we get him use to us as he coward's in the back of his cage we also just let him out and he still he cowarding in any area's that have wall's he can back into. Does that mean he wasn't handled as much as he was suppose to be? as that is what the lady had told us that he was handled when he was young so he would get use to human touch. I feel bad for the boy but i want a rabbit that is use to human touch. We will also be taking him into a new vet that has dealt with rabbit's which is good since they are willing to take us on as new client's. Any information on how i can get him use to human touch would be great since i do not want to give up on his just because he's not use to our touch.
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i'm FAR from being an expert, but here is what i have learned.... don't pick up by the scruff. they can kick and hurt themselves. supoort the legs at all times when you pick up a bun. lucy reacts best when i grab her around the tummy and legs and hold her close to me. it also took her a little bit to get used to us grabbing her at all. i had to be patient. sort of just sit around with my hands in the cage a lot, and let her come to me. i usually offered a treat too. now, she has no problem when we go to pick her up. but i'm sure that more experienced ppl than i will respond to this as well.
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I agree - don't pick him up by the scruff of the neck. If he kicks out he can really get hurt and possibly break his back.
I pick up my guys under their belly while scooping up thier back feet. With Penelope I then turn her feet towards me and hold her against me. That is how she likes to be held best. Teddy is more relaxed. I can even cradle him on his back like a baby and walk around with him. Penelope likes it if I hold her while sitting on the floor or laying in bed.
Now Oliver and Ophelia believe bunnies should be seen and not touched. They prefer to be adored from afar.
Shanie has a good idea of just sitting around and offering lots of treats. Not too many at once of course. Just keep it up every day.

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I'm sure he'll come around. Just have patience and it will be worth it! Hang around his cage, get him used to your smell, always use a pleasant voice. Maybe get him used to you and his cage before letting him roam around..maybe he'll feel more confident/secure. When he's out of his cage, also offer him somewhere to hide. Good luck!

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As others have said, don't pick him up by the neck. Supporting his rear is the most important thing, to keep him from kicking his hind legs in a panic, since they can hurt themselves with those powerful hopping kicks in mid-air.

Also, not all bunnies like to be picked up. Flash hates it. I usually just open the cage door and let him run in and out as he pleases when I'm around. And I'll get down on the floor with him to scratch him behind the ears, pet him, and play with him. I do try to pick him up a couple of times per week to get him used to it, but I really don't think he'll ever be comfortable with it. After all, bunnies are ground animals - the only time they're off the ground in the wild is in the jaws of a predator.

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Oh no i would never pick him up by his neck that is just plain mean. It was the breeder who had picked him up by his neck and i think that is where his bald spot's have come from. I spend 10-15 minutes by his cage with it open and getting him use to my smell but it's a bit hard since he is always in his hutch and it's hard to pet him. Thanks for all the advice everyone hopefully he will come around and i will make sure i take my time with him. Do you think he's also lonely since he has been with lot's of rabbit's outside in a heated hutch.
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Well I think we are all unanimous in saying - don't pick up by the scruff. One hand under the chest and the other supporting the bum is how I do it.

In terms of getting your bunny more used to you, try this. Lay on your stomach on the floor and stay perfectly still. Soon enough, your bunny will come over to sniff you and check out the situation. Perhaps have a treat ready in your hand and talk nice and sweet to him. Doing this allows your bunny to explore you on their own terms and at their own level not to mention building trust. Get into the habit of this and pretty soon he may behave like my little anti-social girl - run up to your hand for the treat and then jump up on your back!

Good luck!
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you know whats funny? my friend's little boy (who is a little hyper) wanted to meet lucy when he came over last. i told him to lay down on the floor real still until she came over to him, since i know she always comes to j and i when we lay down, and i figured that was the easiest way to get a hyper lil boy to stay still. sure enough, after just a minute, lucy went right up to christian and started sniffing his face. you should have heard the giggles! yeah, i'd say laying down on the floor really is a good idea, i hadn't thought about that!
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Oh goodness, I was horrified reading this. Picking up by the scruff is a terrible idea, they can kick and break their backs quite easily. The only time it's acceptable to "scruff" a rabbit is for medical care and they're on a flat surface as a restraint method (because then they're on the floor or a table, and they can't kick.)

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