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diarrhea problem!SOS

yesterday i bought a dwarf bunny and this morning i tried to clean up its bottom(because it was having soft pellets) with a baby wipe and suddenly it started having diarrhea....what can i do?
should i take tha water from the cage?and what else can i do?thanks
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I wouldn't take the water from the cage. I don't know much about rabbits but I know any animal (or humans for that matter) need water even more when they have diarrhea due to risk of dehydration. Hope your bunny is feeling better soon.
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Take your rabbit to the vet ASAP. Since it came from the pet store, it could have parasites, etc.
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hello congrats on your new bunny!

about your quetsion- definately do not take the water from your rabbit! diarrhea causes dehyradtion, and your bunny needs the water for her system to keep running properly. it could be something like parasites as Millimi has already said, or it could stem from an in-balanced bunny diet. a vet is really the best way to find out what is wrong with your bunny, as diarhhea can be a warning sign of a serious probelm for a rabbit.

make sure she has plenty of hay to nibble on in the meantime, and also plenty of water.

also- i'm not sure how familiar you are with rabbits - but they do have soft cecal droppings that are very squishy and might look like diarrhea if you are not aware of them. these are the droppings that rabbits eat to get undigested nutrients. try looking at this site if you aren't sure: http://www.fuzzy-rabbit.com/sick.htm

hope everything goes well with your new bunny!
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