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False Pregnancy?

Ok, i've had my girl for a year and a couple months. We haven't gotten her spayed as we have no males in the house other than chinchillas and i would really like to not have to.
I was wondering the max age to spay? I've finally saved up some extra money and given the chins don't try to kill themselves i'll be able to afford a good vet to spay her.
Also, just today I've noticed her...building a nest? I've NEVER seen her do this before. I know when she is in heat and she has never done this. She has been taking all of her hay from her bin and putting it in her box and digging and it looks like she's a bird, building a nest! Is this normal? Could she possibly be having a false pregnancy? It's just so weird! lol my male rabbit i owned before didnt do it (of course), my guinea pigs never did it, my chinchillas don't do it and my dog doesn't do it. But this girl has confounded me!

So my questions are: Do rabbits have false pregnancies? and is it too late to spay her? she's about 16 months old.

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does anybody have any advice for this? Is it too late to fix her? She has stopped going in her litter box/nest and now peeing and pooping outside, so we cleaned her cage and are now trying to re-potty train her.

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you can still get her spayed definently!!!! Just get it done soon!
If you are certain there have been absolutely no males near her then yes she's probably having a false pregnancy. She's probably stopped going to the toilet in her tray cause she's busy marking everything too. Hormones will make them do crazy things! You should find that once she gets spayed those behaviours stop (it can take a month or two for all the hormones to go). You don't want to leave it too long though cause you don't want this behaviour to become a habit!

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